5 ways to get ready for a fun family picnic

Summer is fast approaching and with the days warming up and the sun staying out for longer, that can only mean one thing –plenty of family picnics. Whether it’s your weekday dinner or a weekend getaway to the local park or green spot with the whole family, picnics are fun. Try these five tips to make family picnics extra fun and memorable this season.

1. Pick the right location

Unless you know the spot, it’s always a good idea to do some research on where you’re going before you head out. Some families prefer the waterfront while others like to sit surrounded by trees. A water spot can be cool and provide plenty of opportunity for the little ones to jump in and get splashing. But make sure the water and shore are safe for them to do so. If you decide to picnic in a park, you may need a permit to do so. It’s best to check with the local authorities or the park service online.

2. Pack the essentials

Before you begin to dream up all the delicious dishes and drinks you’re going to bring, consider the basic items that shouldn’t be missing from your picnic. A blanket or two make picnics comfortable and help to avoid unsightly grass stains on everyone’s clothes. With little ones they may not always be avoidable, but don’t worry. Simply follow these tips on how to remove grass stains from clothes. Take some wipes for spillages, cutlery, plates, and glasses, and a trash bag for the clean-up afterwards. An ice box is a great addition to keep drinks cooler. And don’t forget the sunscreen and the insect repellent.

3. Bring lots of beverages

When it’s hot outside, you’ll want to make sure that the whole family stays hydrated. It’s a good idea to bring a little extra when it comes to drinks even if you’ll be taking some of it back home with you. Prepare an ice box with your favorite drinks like iced tea or lemonade. Just don’t forget the cups!

4. Take lots of snacks

There are plenty of great recipes for picnic foods from sandwiches to wraps and pasta salads. But don’t forget the snacks. Small naturally sweet or salty treats make a great addition to your main course options. They’re also easier to serve than many main picnic dishes.

5. Don’t forget the games

What’s more fun than being outdoors and playing games? Picnics are some of the most appreciable times we spend together so make them count. Pack a frisbee or a ball for some quality activities in between eating. If it’s not too windy, you could try a board game. Heading to the beach? Take a beach bat and ball or other traditional beach games.

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