7 Ways That Being Raised By a Single Parent Has Benefited You

One of your parents was absent growing up. It is not a typical situation, but it has shaped, and benefited you in so many ways:


1. You learned the art of forgiveness at a young age.

It would have been easy to harbor dislike, hatred, or anger for the absent parent. Over the years, you have learned to fill that gap, and forgive this parent no matter what the reason behind their neglect was. At a young age you needed to learn to move on and let go of any hatred or anger.


2. You and your single parent are extremely close.

You, and your single parent supported one another through the years. You had a mutually constitutive relationship, and can confide, as well as support one another. Therefore, you are closer with your mother, or father than most people are.


3. You learned about hard work earlier than most people.

Single parents do all of the work that would normally be suitable for two people. While raising children, they also bring in most of the household income, and hopefully still manage a social life. Single parents are warriors; they work hard to raise their children alone. Therefore, you will never become lazy, and entitled. You were raised watching your parent break their back to get things done.

4. You were never that young girl who easily gave her heart away, and ended up heart broken. 

You didn’t grow up with married parents, and as a child you never believed in the happily ever after Disney theme. You were never a stranger to divorce, or the mishaps that take place in relationships. You never had to learn this lesson first hand like most people did; you were already educated, and prepared. You are even a bit guarded, and skeptical about marriage and the whole soulmate thing.