Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2023

Can you believe Mother’s Day is already right around the corner? Whether you’ll be celebrating your Mom virtually again this year or you’ll be seeing her in person, there are tons of great Mother’s Day gift ideas to make her day brighter. Here are some of our favorites.

A Bouquet of Flowers

Just like a sweet card, we think a bouquet of flowers should come standard with any other gift you give your Mom. It’s tradition! They’re a perfect addition to her home design. (Plus, check out these amazing deals on flowers.) What more can you ask for?

A Classic Pair of Earrings

Every woman out there needs a classic, high-quality pair of earrings, like gold studs or hoops. These are one of these things Mom might not indulge in for herself, so it’s the perfect gift for you to give her! To gift her something timeless, stay away from anything too flashy and go for something understated. (Unless, of course, you know that she likes flashy. Then go for it!) Check out these jewelry pieces from Linjer that are sustainable too.

High Quality Athletic wear

If your mom loves a good yoga session (or loves something stretchy to watch TV in), get her the nice athletic wear she won’t indulge in for herself. A buttery pair of leggings or a classic sweatshirt made in a high-tech, sweat-wicking material will always be well-received.

Make Her Something From Scratch

Chances are you used to make your mom gifts from scratch all of the time when you were little: finger paintings and macaroni necklaces galore! But now that you’re a grownup, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop with the crafts. In fact, your mom will probably appreciate them more now than she did then (considering your schedule is a little bit busier these days). Try taking a ceramics class so you can hand-craft her a mug. Or put on a song that makes you think of her and throw some paint on a canvas!

A Gift Card to Her Favorite Spa

Some spas are starting to safely re-open, and when they do, your mom is probably going to want to be the first in line. After a year of at-home isolation, nothing sounds better than a professional massage or facial. So go all out this year and get her the deluxe package.

Cook Her a Meal

Sure, you could get takeout on the big day, but why not cook for your mom from scratch? It gives you a lot more time to bond and talk, and it’s one small way you can repay her for all the years of cooking she did for you. Plus, Mother’s Day brunch is just the best. Cinnamon rolls, anyone?

A Framed Photo of the Two of You

There are few (if any) things in life that Mom cherishes more than her memories with you. So choose one that you happened to capture on camera, blow it up, and get it framed. She’ll love it, and she’ll keep it forever too.


Sometimes it can be hard to think of an appropriate gift for the people we love most, and there’s nobody we love more than our moms! But as long as your gift is something heartfelt, it’s hard to go wrong. Just be sure to include a sweet note, and we promise she’ll be over the moon.