Negative Effects of Technology on Parenting

Raising Kids Among Tech

Technology has transformed the way our children learn, get entertained, interact and behave with others in the society. The younger children dedicate most of their hours to their mobile phones, computers and digital technologies that have both positive and negative impacts on their lives. The internet technology, social media and online gaming are driving the new generation like crazy making them addicted and exposed to predators, scammers, bullies and explicit stuff.


This has intensified parents’ responsibilities and challenges to safeguard their teens and tweens from the online dangers. Though the technology has bestowed with several tools to help parents execute their parenting cores of educating and amusing children, it has also made parenting more complex. This article discusses the negative impacts of technology on parenthood and possible solution.


Weak Parent-Kid  Bonding

Around 37% of parents turn to smartphones and tablets to distract their kids while cooking or doing household core. 17% take help of these technologies to please an upset child. Since parents have less time for their kids because they have more things to focus be it the Netflix show or social media status update, kids have replaced their parents with technology. When the parents fail to make time to chat and play with kids, they may feel unwanted and isolated finding a company which they may find on wrong place and in wrong persons. All these things widen the gap between parents and kids ultimately putting the kids’ security at risk.