The Lost Moms of the World

“Not all of those who wonder are lost” 

Unless you’re a mom. Moms are always lost.

Lost between selling your kids on e-bay and plotting an unexpected visit to the A$$hole who created “mommy finger mommy finger. Lost white trying to find a tiny piece of sanity when at the final moment of rest, your mini human is demanding Scooby Snacks, fruit juice, a four-leafed clover, blood from an OX and a partridge in a pear tree, all at the break of midnight. (By the way, have you ever tried to tell a 4 year old that your Scooby Snack supply has run out? If I could describe the process in one word, it would be “impossible.”


After offering them every single alternative snack in the history of cavities, the English language is no longer comprehensible to your out-raged 4 year old.  At this point, you’re fumbling through every snack drawer in the house praying that there is ONE pack of scooby snacks hidden somewhere the back while your kid is standing there, arms crossed, mean-faced as if you are some sort of extraterrestrial that should sacrifice the family dog as an offering to the superior snack Gods.