7 Reasons to Buy a Lab Grown Diamond in 2021

The demand for lab-produced diamonds is on the rise. During the COVID-19 pandemic, sales of naturally mined diamonds declined; it’s quite the opposite for artificial diamonds. Despite pandemic lockdowns and financial difficulties, the sale of these lab grown gems saw a steady increase in 2021.

If you intend to buy an engagement ring or diamond jewelry for you or your loved one, don’t turn your back on lab-created diamonds. There’s more to these manufactured carbon-based gemstones than meets the eye. Here are seven reasons to buy lab grown diamonds in 2021:

1. They’re the Real Thing

A lot of individuals have the impression that diamonds created in laboratories are fake or not diamonds. This belief may not be accurate because when you compare the lab-grown and the mined ones, you’ll see that they’re physically, chemically, and visually the same. Intense heat and immense crushing pressure create both the mined and manufactured diamonds.

The only difference is that it took billions of years to create the natural ones found in Earth’s crust, while diamonds from a lab may take less than 30 days to develop. When you’re picking an engagement ring, it doesn’t matter if it’s mined or not. The important thing is you choose the design that best fits the personality of your loved one.


2. They’re More Accessible

Without a doubt, mined diamonds are rare. For decades, mining companies were unable to discover new diamond mining sites. Fortunately, lab grown diamonds aren’t as rare. Although lab-produced diamonds are accessible, it doesn’t mean they’re not in great demand.

Since diamond is the hardest known mineral, many industries use them. Only a small percentage of diamonds in the world end up in the jewelry sector. Now that a growing number of big-time jewelry retailers are using synthetic diamonds instead of the mined ones, even the lab-manufactured ones are a scarce resource. If you buy a one-carat diamond created in a lab, consider it valuable because it’s still highly sought after and not that common.

3. They’re Certified Conflict-Free

Generation Z and millennials are buying lab grown diamonds instead of their naturally mined counterparts because the lab-created stones are conflict-free. Many news reports, movies, and articles have exposed the horrors of African diamond mining and trade, and many ethically conscious individuals shun away from blood diamonds.

While not all mined uncut diamonds come from conflict zones in Africa, there’s no way of knowing if the natural diamond you saw in the jewelry store is child-labor-free. However, with lab-created stones, you’ll know that adults make them in a modern facility.

4. They’re Available in Different Colors and Sizes

Huge and beautifully colored diamonds were once just reserved for royalty and the very rich because they’re extremely rare. These days, more lab diamond manufacturers are creating big and colorful diamonds. Owning a 15-carat pink diamond is no longer just a dream, but also a possibility for many.


5. They’re One of a Kind

If there’s one thing that discourages people from buying lab-manufactured diamonds, it’s the impression that they come from an assembly line. Although these gems are grown in laboratories, it doesn’t mean they come out the same. There are still factors that make each lab-made stone unique. You can still find some minor inclusions and even fluorescence in some diamonds produced in a laboratory setting.


6. They Can Be Appraised

One of the arguments by lab grown diamond naysayers is that these things aren’t valuable because no grading labs are willing to evaluate them. This argument is no longer valid, as many appraisers and grading companies have seen the value of these gemstones rise even if they’re not extracted from mines.

Many appraisers and grading companies are open to evaluating and assessing the value of these laboratory grown diamonds based on current market prices. These companies will indicate that a stone is laboratory-created in their appraisal, but they’ll grade your gemstone based on the four Cs of diamond: carat, clarity, color, and cut.


7. They’re Affordable

The number one reason why you should consider buying a laboratory-manufactured diamond is the price. Yes, it’s so much more affordable than naturally occurring gemstones. You can even expect to save around 40% on the cost of your engagement ring if you choose manufactured diamonds.

The Bottom Line

Buying a piece of diamond jewelry is often driven by emotion and desire. If you see a diamond brooch, ring, or any jewelry that you want, don’t feel bad if the stones didn’t come from diamond mines. If you open your mind and see the many reasons why you should consider buying lab-grown diamonds in 2021, you’ll just be amazed.

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