Add to Cart: What to bring into your closet this summer.

Put away the big florals — ASAP.

Summer is back and finding the right pieces to stay “relevant” can be stressful. No, there isn’t anything wrong with continuing last summer’s wardrobe into this summer – in this economy – we don’t blame you. But, if you are looking to find new pieces to mix and match, you are in the right spot. We will be breaking down pieces into four categories: tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories. 


Top it off. 

If you are over the basic tees, crop tops or tanks you’ll love these trends. For starters, high cut bodysuits are perfect to style with pants or denim shorts. Start by picking out neutral colored pieces and then slowly incorporating pinks, greens and red pieces. Go from day to night by wearing a blazer over it and then taking it off at night. Plus, who doesn’t love a girl boss moment? To maximize crop tops, switch out basic tops with a crop top with some drawstrings. This adds some detail and makes your casual look turn into casual chic. Finally, a top that has not gotten the love it deserves are bustier tops. The great thing about these tops are they aren’t here to cut out your circulation nor are they corsets. A bustier top enhances your breasts and can be a very sexy look for a girls night out. 


All things short. 

Sorry millennials – but low-rise mini skirts are trending.  Whether it may be denim shorts, silky skirts or a patterned skirt this will be the ultimate accessory for your fit. I recommend wearing flat shoes – sandals, sneakers, or low heels – when wearing a mini skirt. Feeling bold? Add dimension with some platform shoes, heels or strappy sandals. If you are older than 25 – do not fret – fashion has no age limit. Aim for monochrome, opt-in for skirts that aren’t too flowy, and avoid a skirt that makes you feel uncomfortable. At the end of the day, the way you style your look is your choice; I am here just to make the suggestions. So style away! 


Walking into your hot girl summer. 

Are we surprised that platform shoes are still in? I am not. And I am 100% for it. The higher you are, the closer to the fashion gods you are. This can vary from sneakers, heels, or platform sandals. Another shoe staple that can be transitioned from fall to summer are under the knee boots. Grab an oversized tee, your favorite denim shorts and add dimension to your look with these boots. For my high heels babes, jelly sandal heels are still trending. The best thing about these shoes comes from how minimal they are, yet they elevate your look. Mix and match your style by wearing these heels with dresses, shorts or rompers. 


It’s giving sparkle.

Accessories aren’t just jewelry pieces and sunglasses, they can be a mix of different things on your outfit. For starters, silk scarves are perfect pieces to transition from spring to summer. Grab a silk scarf and place it over your head or around the neck, when wearing white linen maxi dresses. Feeling groovy? Buy a silk scarf to wear as a top with a mini-skirt for a girls night out. Shakira was right when she said her hips don’t lie — so why not emphasize yours? Body jewelry is all the rave right now. Wear it around your waist when you wear a crop top, over a silk dress or a plain white tee.  Finally, let’s not forget to add some edge here and there to our looks. Fringe was a big deal on the runways this past spring. Choose fringe hats, chokers or bracelets to spice up your look.


What will you add to your car this summer?