Best Water Shoes For Summer

Water shoes are one of the best at what it does. These shoes are made for various water-based adventures to ensure that whatever amount of water enters your feet gets drained quite fast and easily, without having to frequently remove your shoes to drain the water by yourself. Though there are water shoes for various seasons, the one particular season during which these shoes sell a lot is the summer season. 

You should know that when it comes to water shoes for summer, there are a few things you have to look for when buying those shoes. These are; a proper fit, proper water drainage, and breathability. A good-fitting shoe is always a must, not just for water shoes. Good water drainage and breathability mean the shoe can keep your feet dry quite easily. This is very important as, during summer, any leftover wet patches can mix with feet’ sweat and in the long run can lead to irritations and harmful skin diseases. 

Our Recommended Water Shoes For Summer

With that aside, here are some of the tops recommended water shoes available on the market, that are summer-season friendly. With that said, make sure you look into Nortiv8 if you need a trusted vendor for your water shoes. Nortiv8 has been in the market for a long time, and unlike other vendors, they specialize in shoes for mountain activities, adventures, and such. Thus, when buying water shoes from them, you can have a peaceful mind knowing that they know exactly what they are doing. As for the quality, they have always been top-class, and the life cycle of the shoes are really good as well. With the affordable price range for all their water shoes, once you have a look at their collection, you just can’t resist buying from them.

Comfortable Water Sandals

If you know sandals, you will definitely know that they are by far the most comfiest shoes available for men and women. This is true for water sandals as well. Of all the different types of water shoes, water sandals are comfortable to be worn for a longer period, without having to constantly worry about any foot pain. In addition, since water sandals are quite open, exposing the majority of the feet to constant fresh air, you can be assured that they will always dry off any water and will never have any sand sticking to them. 

Beach-Friendly Water Socks

Sometimes, there might be situations where you want to engage in water activities, but water sandals and water shoes might feel like overkill. These situations could either be swimming or a walk on the beach. For all such activities, water socks are your better option. This is mainly because these water socks are relatively lightweight and thin as compared to the others. Hence, it won’t strain too much on your feet and thus can be worn for a longer period of time. The majority of the water socks in the market are usually made of either neoprene or lycra, both of which are really great options for water-based activities. The water socks can also be worn together with your scuba gear.

Lightweight Water Shoes

A lightweight water shoe can come in handy in situations where you might have to carry your water shoes to a particular adventure spot instead of wearing them all the way to your destination. These water shoes have plenty of holes on the bottom of the shoe that helps in easy water drainage. In addition, these shoes from Nortiv8 are extremely flexible, making them easy to carry in a backpack without taking up much space.

Sturdy Water Boots

These water boots are exactly what their name suggests. They are sturdy and are also the best option on this list when it comes to protection. These shoes are made of strong and top-quality material and are capable of protecting your feet from almost any situation faced in your adventure. This can be anything from accidental toe stubbing to making sure no sharp objects enter your shoe when in water or on dry land. Due to this, these shoes are one of the best options for hiking and other hard mountain-based water adventures.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are another type of water shoes. They are just your normal moccasins, made out of quick-drying leather. Even though the lightweight water shoes or the water sandals mentioned above can be worn in your various sea adventures like yacht life, the boat shoes are always a better option. Though keep in mind that these shoes are not the best when it comes to water drainage, and also have only okayish shoe traction. Hence, if you plan not to immerse your feet in the water or would walk on slippery surfaces, these shoes are not the best choice. But as long as you stay away from such situations, you can be assured that these boat shoes are way more stylish looking and comfortable than any of your other water shoes and are suitable for summer as well.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, even though many other shoes can be worn for water-based activities, water shoes are always a better option. But as always, before buying your shoes, make sure you take the points mentioned above for your summer water shoes into consideration. In addition, always buy your water shoes from a trusted seller so that they will last you a long time.