Creating Your Own Clothing: 5 Must-Have Items for Your First Studio

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If you dream about creating your own clothing, don’t worry about spending tons of money to start your first project. These five essential supplies make years of sewing projects possible.

With the right planning and upkeep, your studio will have everything you need without breaking your budget. Check out these must-haves.


Sewing Machine Table

Every sewing enthusiast needs a good table. You should have plenty of space for your sewing machine and extra room around it. Projects of all sizes will pass through the machine and pass over the table, so keep it clean and open. If you have extra decor like picture frames or a sewing box, find places around or beside your table to avoid knocking anything over.

Your desk should also have room to organize all of your supplies in drawers or built-in shelving. Neat boxes of bobbins, needles, and rulers streamline future projects and make it easier to double-check which supplies you need to restock. You’ll save more money by taking this extra step so you never buy what you already have at home.


Fabric Cutting Table

You need to cut fabric before starting a project, which is easier with a designated fabric cutting table. There will always be space to spread out materials and cut them while they’re flat, preventing snags or missed tracing lines. Top it with a reinforced mat, so you never slice into your table.

Your cutting table may also have drawers for storing things like your rotary cutter or fabric shears. As you become more comfortable with challenging projects, you can get the necessary tools without cluttering your crafting area.

Make sure there’s nothing around your table to prevent you from cutting smoothly. Otherwise, you might bump your elbow or arm into something and injure yourself with the sharp cutting tools.


Electric Space Heater

When you don’t have an extra room to put your sewing equipment, move into your garage. It’s often the perfect place to make your projects in privacy. Open the door for fresh air and clear out half of the space for all of your must-have items.

You can even work there year-round with a space heater. They won’t drive up your electricity bill like your thermostat. Their design allows them to maintain a comfortable temperature in below-freezing climates without consuming tons of electricity. A cold garage results in stiff fingers and runny noses. Everyone should have a comfortable environment for their hobbies, wherever they take place in your house.


Ergonomic Rolling Chair

Creating your own clothing sometimes requires bending over your work table for hours on end. It could result in significant pain if you don’t use an ergonomic chair. These chairs provide lumbar support to reduce lower back strain that causes pain in places like:

● Your shoulders
● Your ears
● Your hips

If you find this support in a rolling chair, you’ll easily glide from your cutting to sewing table without extra hassle. They’re easy to assemble, support your posture, and last a long time, so they’re another worthy studio investment. Test a few chairs in person by looking at in-store models to make sure your chair’s curve properly fits into your lower and upper back.


Dedicated Ironing Board

Finishing seams is much simpler after ironing the fabric. It also prevents wrinkles from permanently ruining any specific alignments. Your future striped shirt won’t look good if you accidentally misalign the stripes because of bunched or wrinkled fabric.

Tuck your trusty ironing board behind your sewing desk or in a nearby closet. You’ll never waste time hunting it down because a family member needed to press clothes for work elsewhere in your home. Pair it with an iron specifically for your projects so you always have what you need on hand.


Make Your Budget

Creating your own clothing is a rewarding, life-long adventure, so make a studio budget today. These five must-have items for your first studio ensure that you have all the basics for big and small projects. Beginning with a comfortable environment, a sturdy desk, and even a personal ironing board prevents unnecessary distractions so you get the most joy from your hobby.


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