Fifteen Fitness To Fashion Wear Items That You Can Rock 24/7


Are leggings pants?  Of course, sister…and fellow fitness fashionista!  Whether you actually workout or not, fitness fashion is the way to go this fall.  Don’t miss these hot items to channel your inner Sporty Spice and make a statement in the gym, office, bar, or wherever you find yourself looking spexy(sporty+sexy)!


1. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Fashion Statement: Starting off with a bang!  Spanx faux leather is my absolute goto when it comes to taking fitness on the town.  Not only do these fitness fashion leggings look gorgeous in the gym or with boots, they will make your thighs and booty scream amazing.

2. Lululemon Align Fitness Fashion T-Shirt

Fashion Statement: Ready for a T-Shirt that can go with EVERYTHING??  The Lululemon Align does it all; the sleek fit, pretty colors, and perfect length make it a must.

3. Nike Air Force 1

Fashion Statement: Who remembers 2002 when Nelly wanted “two pairs?”  Well, AF1s are back and Hot AF.  The simple design and inch lift make the calves pop.  These throw backs go with any outfit and will let everyone know that you are on trend.

4. Fabletics No Show Thong

Fashion Statement: Can’t forget what goes underneath and closest to the skin.  With a beyond reasonable price tag, this thong is always under my leggings.  The sheer and light fabric is super comfy and people will even think you are going commando.

5. Halara High-Waisted Jogger

Fashion Statement: Another item that won’t break the bank…at just under $30 these joggers are not just for jogging.  The ab-flattening high waist is beyond adorable and these fitness fashion babies can be accessorized to go from the gym to happy hour.  I especially like to dress them up with a cute bootie.

6. Adidas Primeblue SST Track Jacket

Fashion Statement: Another throw back on the list that even Kylie Jenner is rocking these days.  The Adidas Track Jacket (think RUN DMC) is the bomb this season.  Throw one on with a pop of color (red with a darker workout outfit) and you are never paying for your own drinks.

7. Carbon 38 X Eleven by Venus Williams

Fashion Statement: Any tennis skirt that is good enough for Venus is good enough for me!  The slim fit and cutepatterns are perfect for a Sunday brunch, even if you don’t know that Love means zero in tennis.

8. Bombshell Sportswear Scrunch Thigh-Highs

Fashion Statement: Okay, ladies…this is it!  The Bombshell Thigh-Highs are TO DIE!  Throw a pair over a boring pair of black leggings and you may as well just write sexy on your forehead.  This simple and easy addition can make all the difference.

9. Athleta Venice Wide Leg in Bluff Grey

Fashion Statement: These leggings smell like class.  The Athleta Wide Leg creates a beautiful silhouette and absolutely qualifies as business casual.  The softness and stretch will make your days at the office so much more comfortable.

10. Skims Teddy Zip-up Crop Jacket

Fashion Statement:  Shout out to Kim K. for a ridiculously amazing line.  Her skin care may not have hit the mark, but OH GOODNESS…Skims does not disappoint.  One brand highlight is this crop jacket that makes 40 the new 20.  Pair this with a tight tank and prepare for compliments.

11. Fabletics Puffer Scarf in Bone

Fashion Statement:  Ready for a diamond in the rough?  I had to throw in one more find from Fabletics. Thank you, Kate Hudson!  The puffer scarf in bone is the perfect accessory for every look and works as a jacket, scarf, or wrap.  So adorbs.

12. Gym+Coffee Melange Grey Beanie

Fitness Fashion Statement: For the days (most for me) when you don’t have time for a blow out, this beanie is a savior.  Just as the label promises, the gym+coffee vibe acts as elegant icing on that sweaty gym hair.  Gym hair – Don’t Care.  Sorry, couldn’t resist.

13. Peloton fitness fashion leggings

Fashion Statement:  Hello, Peloton!  I know your workouts are taking over the world, but who knew the leggings weresooooo cute.  With excellent fit and the Peloton label on the leg, everyone will know you are a total badass biker when you wear these to the grocery store.

14. Oura Smart Ring

Fashion Statement:  I wear mine on my left middle finger!  The Oura ring, made famous by Prince Harry, is a tasteful accessory that provides the best sleep data of any tracker on the market.  I review my Readiness and Sleep score every morning, letting me know how ready I am to tackle the day.

15. Alo Accolade Sweatpant

Fashion Statement: Last but not least, I leave you with a sexy sweatpant.  Don’t let Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and Kendall Jenner be the only ones the paparazzi stalks in their Alo.  While other sweats may have a “lazy” reputation, these are anything but sloppy.  

About The Author

Shannon Baisden is a Fitness Expert, Girl Mom, and Native Californian currently living in the Midwest.  Shannon has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of California, Davis, a Master’s degree in Sport Sciences from the University of the Pacific, and holds 15 national certifications in the areas of fitness and nutrition.  Professionally, Shannon is a Master Trainer for the American Council on Exercise and designs exercise programs for a variety of special populations.  Drawing from her background in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Corporate Fitness, and Fitness Nutrition, Shannon also works as a Health Coach, motivating clients to develop healthy lifestyles.  She can be found @shannonbfit and