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Five Fashion Shoe Trends in 2021

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Today we all want a fashionable look that not only makes us comfortable but also attractive too. Shoes are a crucial part of both the look and the comfort. 

There are so many styles of shoes on the market. The trick is to try and find a shoe which makes your feet feel good while rocking a cool look. 

Here are the top five fashion shoe trends for 2021.

1.   Sneakers

Sneakers are so easy to wear. They create a chunky look, which is quite desirable. They are also very comfortable. Our feet can spread well in the sneakers. And usually they have great arch support and a good grip tread. And sneakers are lightweight to wear. There are many colors and designs of sneakers with a wide variety of support to choose from. And sneakers can be used for all-purpose daywear, making them your go to shoe. 

2.   Boots

Boots have always been a fashion trend obsession. They pair well with skirts, leggings and jeans. Find a neutral colored pair in grey, brown or black. Or opt to pop with color from the shin down in bold red booties or a soft pink hue. Boots come in a variety of styles. Here are some of this years top styles.

● Chunky Boots

● Riding Boots

● Over The Knee Boots

● Ruched Boots

● Rubber Boot

 While buying boots, check the material of the pair. Some of them are warmer and some are made with a more breathable material. 


3.   Ballet Boots

If you are not comfortable in heels but want to acheive a formal look, then ballet boots could be your best option. Bonus, is that they are extremely comfortable to wear.

Form fitting around the ankle these boots will create a fancy look. And the heel height is minimal. So if you are not comfortable with a high heel, these kitten heel mules are perfect for you. Modern ballet boots are more square toes so you have a bit of toe wiggle room.

4.   Strappy Sandals

The trend of strappy sandals is strong. Paired with cargo pants, wide or skinny jeans or this years fashionable, trouser. Strappy sandals stay closer to your ankle and are wrapped with your feet. The look is very sexy. yet strong. 

Who doesn’t love a good heel? Strappy sandals can be casual with shorts or dressy with a nightlife ensemble.  Chain accents makes these shoes more stylish this year. 

5. Flat-forms  

If you are looking for extra height in your heel, and also comfort then a flatform shoe is perfect. The trend of flat-forms is circulating. The cushy sole is unique and comfortable also.

If you are scared of the heel and feel uncomfortable in the heel, then a lower platform is best. This shoe gives off a sporty vibe.  Here are a few of these types of shoes:

● Sneakers
● Sandals

Pick your style and find your comfort at All Day Shoe.


How To Find The Best Shoe To Fit Your Foot Style

When you shoe shop, go through the below check list to find your perfect shoe.

● Check the material and the quality of the shoe.
● Check out the size of the shoe.
● The design of the shoe should be trendy, yet classic to fit your long wear style.
● The main thing is to make sure the pair is comfortable for you.
● Try to buy shoes in the afternoon when your feet are in their actual shape. (Not too puffy from a days worth of wear.) 
● If you are buying shoes online, make sure you are certain of your actual size.



While It varies with time, and season, people ultimately choose what they want to wear. Go with trends that match our style. Make sure the shoe works for you and your current wardrobe. 

A classic boot or sandal, simple sneaker will last and last. Always consider comfort as the main factor when buying a shoe. 

Our feet are so precious. They get us where we need to go, in the pandemic or not. So focus on pampering those toes while showing off your personality with a trendy shoe.

Want to buy a new pair of shoes? Confused about which shoe will be trendy? Here we have pointed out five fashion shoe trends in 2021. Read below to learn more about trendy shoes.

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