How to Organize Bedroom Cabinets In Your Closet

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Do you feel like your bedroom closet is too small to hold all your clothes?

Do you struggle to find what you need because it is all piled up, pressed, leaning against each other?

With the right adjustments, you can rearrange the wardrobe so that there is space for everything, and that everything has its own space.

Each piece of clothing will have its precise place, and the bedroom closet will seem tidier than ever.

Sounds like a dream, right?

Here is how..

Before Arranging The Bedroom ClosetDecluttering

The first thing to do when we commit to reorganize the wardrobe is to eliminate the superfluous. That is to throw away (or rather donate to organizations that care for the neediest) everything that we never seem to use.

Sometimes we remain attached to objects for sentimental reasons, or because we think that the right opportunity will come to use them, but in reality, months and sometimes even years pass, and that shirt remains perpetually in the bedroom closet.

The conclusion is that these objects, as Marie Kondo teaches us, do not need us, so it is better to get rid of them to leave more vital space for what we use.

So if the answer is “a few months ago”,  put it in the pile of things to ditch.

How To Organize a Perfect bedroom

In the perfect wardrobe, everything has its place in the order of everything.

More Clothes You Hang, The Better

Start with putting as many things as possible in drawers. This is the best way to take up as little space as possible, especially if you use multiple hangers to hang trousers or skirts together.

It is important to have a higher compartment (about 150 cm), to place longer items of clothing, such as coats and evening dresses. Since these are garments not used daily, the longer compartment should be placed at the top of the bedroom closet, because it is less practical to reach.

Add Some Elements To Organize The Spaces In a MoreFunctional Way

Use fabric boxes to store off-season clothing or home linens, and place them high or low in the closet.

In every self-respecting wardrobe, drawers cannot be missing, useful for storing underwear, for example, and other less bulky accessories. If they are not supplied with the cabinet add them. You can hang a space saver with various pockets on a closet door to store smaller items such as belts and jewelry.

How to organize a four seasons wardrobe

Four seasons in one wardrobe?

It seems impossible to have room for all four, yet you can.

The secret is to place the clothes relating to the current season in the most easily accessible points, while the others should be placed behind, at the top or the bottom (or in the less accessible points).

That way you can simply spin them every time the season changes.

Use cloth boxes to store out-of-season garments, then take them out at the appropriate time, swapping with those you will no longer use because they have become too heavy or too light.

Organize small closet

When the wardrobe is spacious, this is easy. But how do you organize a small wardrobe?

Here are some small space-saving systems.

Use an external coat rack.

Yes, you got it right, an exposed rack, like the one used by clothing stores.

On the market, you will find various types, from the simplest, in steel, to the more design, in white or colored wood.

There are various sizes, even not bulky.

They are very useful for gaining space even outside the wardrobe.

Accessories to order with the wardrobe

We have mentioned in the previous paragraphs some useful accessories for organizing the wardrobe. Let’s make a summary:

Drawer organizer

It is a practical container with many “drawers” to better divide and organize underwear or accessories, such as belts and jewels.

Storage to hang

A space-saving accessory holder to hang on a wardrobe door, or to attach to the rod, as we do with hangers.

Vertical bag hanger

It has the same system as the space-saving rack, but the compartments are more capacious, specially designed for storing women’s bags.

Storage boxes

Indispensable and irreplaceable to make room for everything we don’t often use: bed linen, towels, seasonal changes. No wardrobe can do without.

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