Jewelry Unifies Us From Generation To Generation

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Women all over the world are passionate about jewelry. In past, jewelry was considered as a symbol of royalty and nobility, but today, it is a label of feminism and women empowermentThe social status of women is often understood by the quality and quantity of jewelry she is wearing. 

Jewelry is indeed an added element in womens beauty and can boost confidence. In every part of the world’s culture, women are fond of jewelry according to their preferences regarding the events

For instance, special kind of jewelry is required, if you have wedding ceremony lined up, or a piece of simple and elegant jewelry for a party to attend. Or beautiful pearls for a dinner-date to go out with your love. Because for every event or occasion, women need pieces of jewelry.

Jewelry such as; necklaces, bracelets, chains, and earrings are the most popular items worldwide. In 2019, the global jewelry market was estimated to be valued at over twenty one billion euros. 

Significance Of Jewelry For Women In Daily Life

Jewelry is considered as an indulgence. It is not something that women can’t live without, but having and wearing jewelry can mean a more feel good, attractive, and persistent, presence.

Over time, the significance of jewelry has increased enormously, and new trends are being introduced to satisfy that increase in demand from women. It has been made quite clear that jewelry is a popular go-to accessory for most woman

Jewelry can serve particular purposes and is an integral part of women’s culture. For women, jewelry, acts as a the stylish cherry on top of the overall look. In women’s psychology, an outfit isn’t complete if they don’t have the jewelry that goes with it.

Furthermore, jewelry is considered one of the best gifts that can be given to a woman. Choosing the right piece however, depends on some factors. Such as the occasion you want to give at, your budget, how much you are willing to spend, and the style.

In daily life, women don’t load themselves with excessive and unnecessary accessories and mostly go with simple, elegant, and light-weighted accessories. It is crucial to know when to wear the right pieces for the right occasion because the proper selection gives the best look and highlights a womans personality.

The Altered Trends In Jewelry For Women Over The Years 

I have already enlightened you with the fact that jewelry is not just famous for appearance, but women feel satisfied when they wear jewelry. The trends of jewelry for women have, however,  changed over time.

Diamonds, gemstones, and gold are, the most used and expensive substances for jewelryBut when we talk about affordability and most used materials, elements that make our list are silver, white gold, and artificial jewelry coated with the famous metal. 

Picking a jewelry item depends on the budget, likeness, and often security. It has been found that women who step out of the homes for working and business purposes primarily wear artificial or coated jewelry items focusing on security measures. Although the sparkle and alluring beauty can never be found in artificial products, their use is still substantial. 

In the early days, jewelry was all about the diamonds, sapphires, and platinum beads. But as years went by, the fashion and jewelry became more ‘simple and classic.’ Platinum was still in the mainstream jewelry articles, but copper made jewels made their way in and became instantly popular.

The year 1990 brought considerable alterations as body jewelry, silver jewelry items, and plastic creations were all over America and Europe. The choker that women wear today was first worn as a headband by Lady Diana. Years went by, and the age of faux pearls, oversized necklaces, and earrings made from gold came to an end

But, the year 2000 made the jewelry industry a bold change with large hoop earrings, layered chain necklaces, and customized chokers were all over the world. These products were made from diamonds, rhinestones, cuffs, plastics, and often wood depend upon the customary demand. 

Jewelry Trends from the 2010s to Present

Since 2010, jewelry trends are more diverse and independent than ever. In this modern age, celebrities all over the world are becoming more experimental and innovative with their bold embellishments. Platinum, resin, and bright colored gemstones make a great comeback, with sapphires, pearls, and diamonds on the rise. Choosing colors that match the dress code is, however, more critical than ever.  

The chokers from the late 90s and early 2000s are considered outdated, but simple strap choker designs came into limelight.The ear-crawlers are replaced with colorful hoops of unique designs. In the latest run, blackened metals are out with turquoise capturing the market.

How Does Jewelry Complete Women?

Like everything such as dress, shoes, makeup, etc. jewelry is an integral part without which a woman never feels complete. For ages, the importance of jewelry has been a vital add-on for women.

The importance of jewelry for women can be described by the following quote. ‘Wearing jewels is a way to express the kind and type of woman you are without saying a word.

Women always like feeling unique, stylish, and beautiful. Because the completion of a women lies within her own satisfaction. But don’t overload yourself with excessive jewelry, as it will ruin your outfit and style. It is important to realize the value of the outfit and the amount of jewelry that it needs. 


Jewelry is considered as one of the main accessories that bring out the personality in a woman and helps her highlight her style statement. It is of great significance that you must know the value of wearing the right jewelry for the right purpose and event.

Jewelry is indeed an essential part of a woman’s fashion and happiness. It is rightly said that you cant buy happiness, but you can buy jewelry, and express yourself. 

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