Power Dressing 7 Ways the Clothes You Choose Changes Your Mood

The style and clothes that you choose can change your mood, psychology and overall confidence. So, do read this article before you select the ultimate outfit for your upcoming date or office meeting.

They say, do not judge a book by its cover; but how many times have you looked at someone and created a perception about them in your mind? Let’s accept this—our clothes play an essential role in our lives. A person is often judged by what he/she wears at a particular occasion. However, are you aware of the fact that clothes can affect the way you think too? Yes, this is the same feeling that one gets after donning a suit for an interview. Studies show that every outfit that one puts on affects their state of mind and choice of behavior. Mentioned below are some of the ways your clothes can change the way you feel.


Boosts confidence 

Wearing a dress that enhances the body can make any woman, be it plus size or size zero, unshakable in her belief. It makes them feel like the truest and strongest version of themselves. So, the next time when you are going for a meeting and want to bring your A-game, doll yourself up in tailored trousers, sharp blazers, and a classic pair of shoes. If you’re looking for something more comfortable but still formal, then consider dressing-up in a body-hugging dress with peep-toe heels.


Helps in thinking and focusing better

Some studies show that a person dressed in a formal business suit or dress can think faster on his/her feet and usually, brings a lot of creative ideas to the table. In fact, the way one dresses not only changes his/her perception but also of people or events around them. Also, dressing-up powerfully can help in focusing better, even if the task lacks excitement. Some researchers believe that the best part of dressing up formally for work is that it helps in mentally separating work and leisure time, which is helpful for people who create boundaries between these two parts of their life. That’s also perhaps the reason why it is suggested to wear work clothes even while working from home.

Makes you smarter

Have you ever felt immediately confident and smarter after putting on your favorite interview suit? Yes, dressing up in formal wear can make one feel intelligent. According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, dressing in clothing that is associated with intelligence, like doctor’s coats or pilot’s uniforms, not only makes one look but act smarter too. If you think that your personal style isn’t giving you a chance to get deserving respect, it is time to smarten up by wearing a trailblazer, neutral colors and polished shoes.

Cheers you up 

Let’s start this point by asking a simple question—do you wear clothes that reflect your mood, or do you wear clothes to change your mood? As per research by the University of Queensland, people often dress up considering how they feel and how they would like others to perceive their feelings. It works even today, and that is perhaps the reason some people wear bright clothes to make themselves look happy, while in reality, they might be feeling down. That is perhaps the reason why people wear clothes that have gotten them compliments before or is something that brings back good memories.

It is also common to see that a feel-good feeling may increase sartorial experimentation. As a result, one is more likely to shop for something like western dress or a silhouette that had felt daunting in the past.


Motivates to exercise

The power of dressing kicks in when one wants to exercise, but can’t muster the motivation. Wearing your favorite shorts with matching sneakers as the first thing in the morning is comfortable in a way to run your errands and could motivate you to hit the gym. Also, wearing a new outfit for your workout will not only excite you to exercise, but also run an extra mile and do some extra crunches. Gym clothes are not only comfortable but also look trendy. If your motivation levels are down for workout, shop around for new gym clothes that can motivate you to wear them and flex more muscles.


Helps you get your way 

Whether you like it or not, your clothing communicates, and it can affect your ability to achieve success too. Studies show that being dressed in business suits can boost your professionalism. Even the people who wear suits appear more dignified. You’re more likely to win an argument by wearing formal apparel, and to justify this statement, the Journal of Experimental Psychology did research. Subjects were divided into three groups and completed a series of experiments that challenged their cognitive processing abilities. The result of this research was that the people who dressed better routinely trumped those who were dressed down. The most interesting fact about the study was that the men in sweats showed lower testosterone levels, which further reduced their aggression.

Helpful in losing weight 

While we strive for body positivity, we all can shed a few pounds here and there. Your clothing can help. By wearing tight jeans and snug-fit pants or tying a ribbon around your waist can provide a subconscious signal to curb your appetite. Because your are more conscious about your tummy—particularly when the ribbon starts to feel tighter as the evening goes on!

From shoes to cap, every piece of clothing that you wear can affect or change the way you feel. Therefore, do consider pondering over these points before heading out for your next big event.