These Jewelry Items Will be Dominating Your Wardrobe This Year

2021 is out with timeless jewelry and in with big, stunning statement pieces for making your wardrobe stand out this year. Chunky earrings, necklaces have already been in and out of fashion, but 2021 has majorly been about candy colors, clay pieces, and catchy styles. The year started majorly with Zoom calls or Selfie posts. But now that people have begun to leave their homes and catch up with their old friends, the latest jewelry trends have once again taken over.


Stylists, designers, and buyers are all having fun experimenting with playful enamel pieces, stunning gemstones, gold chains, statement earrings in bold shapes. Such amusing trends have emerged to enunciate the unpredictability people are experiencing this year and yet striving. Bright floral motifs can be seen in shiny metals and beads, mismatched colors with monotone outfits, and pearl chokers being captured on every other red carpet. It’s about having fun with different shapes and sizes when women have to polish their entire look. Subtlety has taken a back seat, and extravagant accessories are taking charge on the runways. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for trying meaningful jewelry items such as crystals and gemstones, known for their powerful protection and healing properties. Working women can use Shungite jewelry, which’s supposed to protect people against strong EMF radiation. Crystal jewelry is available in so many designs and styles this year. From vibrant and funky items to layered gold pieces, here are the jewelry items that will be dominating your wardrobe this year:


1. Gemstone Necklace:

Talking about statement pieces, gemstone jewelry has garnered a humongous following on a

social media. Gemstones have fantastic health property which people are educating themselves about. One such stone is Shungite – which acts as a protector against pollutant properties and heals the body naturally from negative energies. Shungite necklaces can be worn regularly on an everyday basis because they come in various sets of designs. One can pair it with a Shungite ring for added protection or some other crystal or birthstone that one feels works for them. It’s more about knowing what one’s mind, body, and soul need healing from? The preferred gemstone will thus work to provide relief and recovery in those areas where one needs it the most. Gemstone necklaces are also more personal and meaningful than other jewelry pieces that are part of an ongoing trend. They tend to add more benefits and enrichment to the lives of the users.


2. Huggie Hoop Earrings

If the girls are tired of wearing the same pair of studs with every other outfit, the perfect alternative is here. Huggies are small hoops that cover the lower part of the ear-lobe and look as stunning as long hoops without the added weight! They are an excellent choice to pair with multiple looks – be it sweats, jumpers, casual t-shirts, or denim. They can add a touch of glamour to almost all kinds of outfits one has to wear during the day or night and yet be as comfortable as studs are to one’s ears. So basically, girls don’t need to take them off if they want to wear them regularly. Girls can also add a matching necklace and a clutch to wear to an elegant dinner party or, instead, wear them alone to work without worrying about overdressing. Although, if one is planning to wear them regularly, it may be preferable to look for a pair in good metal – such as gold or platinum.


3. Metallic Chains

The last few years have all been about different metallic tones. We’ve seen silver, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and now even chocolate gold! People are loving gold chains so much because of how it elevates the look instantly without much effort. One can layer multiple chains with pendants and pair them with a lovely pair of heels and a skirt, and they’re ready to party, have lunch, or sip on drinks with gals! Chocolate gold jewelry is a recent trend this summer, becoming more and more popular popping on famous Instagram celebrity posts. It’s an avant-garde shade that looks highly polished and can be worn on a tan or a beige monotone outfit to look extremely grand and modern.


4. Colorful Clay Rings

Anyone on Instagram has taken notice of celebrities wearing candy-colored rings this year. The hype over these beautiful colors with some great nail art is reason enough for more and more people to try a similar look. They can even pair the colorful set of clay rings with a cut-out top and platform sneakers to get that perfect Instagram pose. Summer is all going to be about covering ourselves in sorbet pastel shades and rainbow color palettes. One can incorporate different looks while trying out these clay rings, adorned with beautifully detailed cut-diamond stones and crystals to unleash their IT-girl side.


5. Chandelier Earrings

Be it the latest magazine features or the best of the 90’s fashion era – danglers have always been a favorite pick for most women. In 2021, designers are not stopping anytime soon to create even more elaborate designs and lengths for chandelier earrings. Designers such as Valentino, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton have been the latest to feature these huge shoulder-gown earrings in funky shapes, yet full of glamour and chic. One can pair these with evening gowns, satin slip dresses, or any figure-hugging silhouette piece, bringing more attention to one’s beautiful face. It’ll also be perfect for finding one made out of crystals such as Tourmaline or Topaz since their natural colors will make the earrings look even more ethereal than before. Women who want to invest in a statement piece that looks like a famous Kardashian or celebrity is wearing it, should surely get this item in 2021.

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