Tip Of Hat: Here Are 12 Hat Styles To Fit Your Personality Type

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I am a huge fan of hats. And they weren’t ever really my thing, until I discovered my hat type. Which is a hat style that suits my personality.

Here are twelve different hat shapes that could suit your style and personality.


The Tomboy- Baseball Cap

The girl who wears the baseball cap is likely to be the tomboy in the group. She is into sports as a spectator and often as a participant. She’s the guys girl. And she gets along with the girls too. Her baseball cap may support a team or group. But either way, it’s bball cap all the way for this cool chick.


Ms. Independent- Wide Brimmed Hat

Wide Brims are for the sophisticated, yet flirty girl. Wide brimmed hats are not for the faint of heart, and in some respects create space between you and others. You look mysterious from the back in a Riviera-Chic straw brim hat. A wool or suede version in the winter tells everyone how confident you are with your style and yourself.

The Daddy’s Girl- The Fedora

Reminiscent of old days new, the fedora says that you are a true daddy’s girl. Somewhat worldly with the old world charm of the Fedora, a straw version becomes a spring and summer staple. And a wool version just says, women can do what men can do, and so much better.


The Tough Girl- The Newsboy Cap

Newsboy cap girls usually have older brothers or strong male influences. Maybe you watched old mobster movies with your Grandpa. A newsboy cap can be paired with jeans or a dress. When boots are involved, look out! This hat is as asexual as a baseball cap but way more edgy.

The Practical and Sensible Girl – The Snow Cap

The sensible girl likely has many of these in her closet.You can truly pull this off during most months in a seasonal city. Knitted, wool, patterned and more, the snow hat is worn by a girl who is efficient with her wardrobe. A wool hat is purposeful and keeps you warm.

The Adventurous Girl- The Beret

While sometimes the beret can come off as cheesy, like embroidered at an amusement park or showcased on a Griswold, the beret is really a sophisticated snow hat and will keep your head warm. A girl with a wanderlust sense of adventure and a playful nature will likely wear these.

The Country Girl – The Cowboy Hat

Who says you have to be a midwestern girl to have midwestern values? If So Cal Gwen Stefani can rock a cowboy hottie and a hat, well then, so can you!


The Dominant Girl- The Chauffer Hat

A driver or chauffer hat can be worn with a gothic look, or paired with vintage eighties clothing. This hat wearing girl is in the driver’s seat when it comes to her life. She is definitely in charge of her own happiness and likely a music lover.


The Natural Girl- Beanie Hat

With our without a hike, a snowboard or a tent, the beanie is always on hand for this outdoorsy girl. She is ready for night walks and am sessions in the coolest of places. When she gets up in the am for her surf sesh, the beanie is already in the glove compartment.

The Lady- Asymetrical Brim Hat

Think Great Gasby, this all season hat shows off her feminine side and softens her facial features, while allowing her to shy away under it’s downward brim. Poetic.


The Mermaid- Bucket Hat

Nautical chic girls or those that just want to be near water, love these cloth hats that shield the sun but bring out their inner child.


The Glamour Girl- Royal Hat

Glamour girl… is a princess, a glam party goer and a debutante. And the royal hat comes in all shapes and sizes. Meant to bedazzle, these hats express the personality of the wearer amongst the poise and subdued nuances of the rich, and high society. The girl wearing a royal hat like this is gala bound and a fashionista.


My tip of the hat to you…

While there are many varieties of the hats, such as the cabbie, the rancher, the duckbill, the bolero and more, these shapes are generally accessible and should help you find the right signature hat for your style and personality.  Here is my favorite place to buy a hat online.

Happy Shopping!








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