Top 5 Accessories And Trends for Fall 2020

Accessories make an outfit, and as we enter the fall season, it’s time to start thinking about the best accessories to wear with our denim and sweaters. These are some of the top accessory trends you’ll see as the leaves start to fall.

1. Chunky Combat Boots

Combat boots are always a great footwear choice for fall, but this year the chunkier the heel, the better. Not only do these chunky combat boots look amazing with your favorite pair of jeans, they’re also super comfortable and give you a steadier base when you’re taking those fall nature walks.

Outfit Inspiration

● Black leather combat boots
● Dark wash, distressed ankle jeans
● Buffalo plaid flannel shirt

2. Chain Link Necklace

You may think chain link necklaces went out of style in the ‘90s, but much like other trends from that decade, this style is back for 2020. Thick chain link necklaces are even better, and gold is more on-trend than other metals like silver. If you really want to take this trend even further, pair it with a matching chain link bracelet.

Outfit Inspiration

● Thick, gold chain link necklace
● Black, sleeveless turtleneck
● Beige, high-waisted, wide leg pants

3. Soft Leather Clutch

Soft like a pillow and large enough to hold all of the essentials you could possibly need, a soft leather or pleather clutch is the “it” bag of the season. Choose a bold fire-engine red or fun snakeskin print to make this cushy clutch really pop. You can pair it with any outfit, so it can take you from Saturday brunch with your girls to your Saturday date night with your sweetie.

Outfit Inspiration

● Purple shirt dress
● Light gray trench coat
● Snakeskin leather clutch

4. Wide Headband

If you think headbands are only for those aged 10 and under, you’re wrong. Padded and wide headbands burst back onto the scene early this summer, and this hot trend is continuing well into the fall. Embellished or plain, it’s a fun way to accessorize your hair this fall without having to do too much.

 Outfit Inspiration

● White padded headband
● White, tie-front button down shirt
● Camel brown leather skirt

5. Tassel Earrings

With the right pair of earrings, you don’t need any other accessories. Tassel earrings are the statement earrings you need when you’re looking for something that pops, but is still understated. Drop tassel earrings are really popular this season. Look for them to appear in vibrant colors like green and yellow to offset the muted colors of fall.

Outfit Inspiration

● Hot pink tassel drop earrings
● Ivory, long-sleeved balloon top
● Light wash, straight leg jeans
Have fun with these accessories this fall. There are so many ways to switch them up, and so many other accessories to wear them with. Even if you’re hunkered down at home this fall, these accessory trends are enjoyable to play around with.

About The Author

Lindsay is a writer and single mom whose mission is to remind other women going through a divorce or breakup that they are strong, beautiful, and worthy of all the good things life has to offer. You can find more of her writing on her blog or follow her on Instagram.