With Fall Upon Us, There’s No Better Time to Clean Out Your Closet

What To REALLY Consider When Making Wardrobe Choices This Fall.

Fashion got turned onto its head this year, just like the rest of the world. Suddenly, we want comfort more than anything. For the time being, we don’t go out like we used to. What happened to looking pretty though? If you’re anything like me, you still want that. And last time I checked, getting dressed was still fun, too.

Needless to say, we have been making a marked shift towards comfort this year, and will continue to do so into the Fall. Having been in Pajamas (actual ones, not the trend!) and sweats for weeks on end earlier in the year we are craving dressing up again — at least to a certain extent. And the shift to crisper Fall air gets us excited to see what’s new this season — pandemic or not.

Go Through Your Closet

So you’ve dug through your closet and put some items out of sight — those summery items perhaps that just don’t feel right anymore, or the super high heels? How about those pants though? The ones you got on sale even though they were a little uncomfortable? Or the skirt that was too tight to begin with, but you were going to lose some weight — instead you put on a few pounds during SIP. How do you decide what you should keep and what you should get rid of? Normally, the rule of thumb is: if you haven’t worn something in a year, it’s a toss. But this year is different.


Think Practical Fashion For Fall

Fall fashion in 2020 is decidedly more practical than in previous years. We just won’t need the dramatic asymmetrical necklines or “feathers everywhere” in our lives this year. What we need is a different set of checkpoints and considerations. Having said that, I love seeing how WFH practicality and those exciting new colors, proportions, textures that only fashion can provide mix this season. Let’s take a look.


Comfort is the no-brainer here.

We need to make it through those endless Zoom meetings without sucking our bellies in and constantly tucking on our clothes. We want to be enveloped and showered with softness and gentleness instead, and anything that doesn’t hit the mark is a go. For this very reason, last season’s oversized silhouettes in tops and outerwear are a keeper, and so are  high-waisted, wide-leg pants). Imagine those pieces paired with something more casual or basic, like wearing your favorite cashmere turtleneck with the trousers, or pairing chic track pants with an oversized shirt or jacket. Curling up with a book and a cup of tea in an outfit that combines polished and comfortable elements is as cozy as it will feel nourishing to your very being this Fall.


Color is big this season as it can lift our mood

Something we all cannot have enough of right now, and as it has the pleasant side effect of making us look more awake and refreshed on a Zoom camera. Color was big last year as well and if you bought into the trend then — congratulations! You’re all set. Those pieces are definitely a keeper The best part: there is no going wrong with color. Fall 2020 prefers both head-to-toe solid color in clean, bold silhouettes, as well as wildly patterned pieces.

More trends that continue to be big this Fall focus on reinventing classics like animal prints, plaids, and most notably, leather. Those pieces already in your closet are very important this season. They pair well with colored pieces — of both the solid variety as of the patterned one. They also elevate other wardrobe staples like white button-downs, denim, or cashmere sweaters to something that is bigger than the sum of its parts.


Texture is huge this Fall

Anything tactile and soft is soothing, so knits have a special place in our wardrobe this season. Anything in your closet that is big, chunky, oversized — or 90’s style minimalist and form fitting will be in constant rotation and should be kept in plain sight. The one exception to the rule are last year’s fleece jackets, popovers, and sweaters that got a little too much exposure earlier this year when we were all wearing nothing but.


With that in mind, there might be several items sitting in our closets that we couldn’t quite figure out how to work last year, but this year they might just be perfect. Those big puffy sleeves for example? We could never quite figure out how to wear a coat with them, but this year they look fab on their own on Zoom!


2020 has been an incredibly challenging year.

After we unanimously opted for a “schlumpy” sweats look when the nation got locked down, our desire to look cute, or fabulous, or pretty has now resurfaced. As we are weighing what we have in our closets against where fashion is steering us, we might need to take a different approach this season. Our considerations will most likely be more down-to-earth and more comfort-centered than in previous years, but nevertheless playing with Fashion will be FUN.


Dagmar Spichale is the founder of her namesake brand of dresses for women who want to look gorgeous from AM to PM with just a switch of their jacket or shoes. Sign up for weekly style tips and behind-the-scenes looks at her website,