3 Reasons to Make Dance Fitness Your Cardio this Spring

There are so many amazing forms of fitness to choose from and they all carry their own list of health benefits, but if there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that you’ve got to love your workout or it simply won’t stick. Dance fitness is my ideal cardio workout, and there are a few major reasons you’d love it too.

Moving your body to music is good for the soul.

So many different emotions can be expressed through music, and our movement comes straight from the music itself. SHiNE choreography is an extension of the music and we fully indulge in all the different vibes and feelings it can bring to the dance floor. One routine might be soft and uplifting, while the next has you feeling gritty and loaded with attitude. Music is art and when we dance, it takes “working out” to a different level.

With dance fitness, you get to be playful again.

No inhibitions, no judgment, no stress. Just dance. There is a lot of heavy, hard stuff going on in the world and everyone needs the space and a little bit of time to just let loose. There’s a lightheartedness about this type of workout because we play up how the music makes us feel and you’re doing it alongside people (in person or virtually – it’s amazing the connection we see among our SHiNE Online members and it’s freeing.  I love Brene Brown’s definition of play. She says that play can be anything that allows you to lose track of time and self-consciousness, and when you are in the moment like that, your creativity can really shine. When we play by dancing as adults, there doesn’t have to be an end result. It’s not about the calories you burn or the number on the scale. You’re doing it because you enjoy it, and that’s what will KEEP you doing it long enough to see some real, lasting health benefits.

Your confidence will get a solid boost.

As we head from spring into summer, a lot of us focus on bathing suit bodies and all the self-criticism that comes along with shimmying into that little bit of fabric. It’s not about fitting into a bikini. What we really need to work on is strengthening our confidence muscle – the one that allows us to own what we have now. When you get into the habit of pushing your body to do powerful movements, doing fun poses, and even looking at yourself in the mirror…and getting comfortable with that on the daily…that’s when you’re going to see (and feel) the good changes happening. Going into summer, you’re going to be less hyper-sensitive because your confidence is coming from within, not something exterior. Students gain confidence in SHiNE classes and it’s not because they dropped a couple of dress sizes. It’s because they are building their confidence muscle by showing up on the dance floor, looking at the mirror and expressing themselves in a bold way.

Dance fitness will undoubtedly add a spring to your step this spring but it will also work wonders for your mental and emotional health at the same time. Learn more about the benefits of dance fitness in the SHiNE blog and head into next season feeling lighter than ever.

-Kendall Nielson

About The Author

Kendall Nielson is the founder of SHINE Dance Fitness

SHiNE is a welcoming and supportive virtual dance fitness community that offers uplifting online classes for all abilities.  The classes are rooted in jazz, ballet, and hip hop and provide the perfect balance of high cardio and toning to ensure a full body workout that’s fun, energizing, lifts your mood, and boosts your self-esteem!