5 Careers in Fitness to Look Into in 2022


Working in the fitness industry offers an opportunity to make a difference. You’ll even be able to see the impact you’ve made in other peoples’ lives. If you’ve always loved making an impact, you might want to check out one of the following careers. Each of them has a ton of opportunities, and you’d be working in different capacities. Plus, you could even combine many of them. That way, you’d be able to help people by combining multiple approaches.

Certified Yoga Instructor

Have you ever gone to a yoga class before? If you have, then you’ve seen someone working as a yoga instructor. People in this role guide people through a flow. And, they’ve got to make sure students properly perform the poses.

Becoming a yoga instructor is more affordable than ever, too Yoga teacher training in Costa Rica even offers a way to travel while learning.

Then, once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to lead students from the front of the class. Besides, while you’re getting your certification, you’ll also get in great shape.

Certified Personal Trainer

Perhaps, you’re more comfortable working out in the gym. If that’s the case, you’d probably do well working as a personal trainer. There are several certifications you may complete to qualify for these roles. You’ll learn how to target muscle groups, and you’ll teach others how to reach their fitness goals.

Not only can you work for other businesses as a personal trainer, but you can also start your own. Most personal trainers get their start by working for other people. Then, as they further develop their skills, they’ll expand out on their own.

As a business owner, your income is only limited by your ability to attract new clients. Some personal trainers even wind up working for major celebrities. If you can make it that far, your time could be worth $100 an hour or more.

Gym Manager

Do you have experience managing other people? Or, have you ever worked in a sales role before? Both of those skills would translate well to gym management. Gym managers must maintain equipment, and they’ve got to attract new customers.

Also, you’ll be responsible for signing up clients for various services. People who have great interpersonal skills tend to perform well in this role.

You’ll gain leadership experience, and you’ll learn how gyms must be operated. Eventually, you could transition into business ownership, opening your own gym.

Usually, you’ll have to hire other people to work in the gym as well.

Gym managers also earn a rather decent salary most of the time, too.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists have some of the highest incomes in the entire fitness industry. Of course, becoming a physical therapist also has some of the strictest requirements.

You’ll have to go to PT school before you can get one of these jobs. However, plenty of physical therapists end up opening their own practices. They get their start by working in someone else’s.

As a physical therapist, you’ll help clients recover from injuries. You’ll show them different exercises to help them regain mobility. Best of all, you’ll get to watch people recover because of your help. If you’d like to see a real impact, working in this role might be for you.


If you’d describe yourself as a health nut, you might be great as a dietitian. Dietitians help their clients achieve health goals by managing their diets. You’ve just got to get the proper certification, and then you’ll be able to enter this industry.

Not only will you help people lose weight, but you’ll also help them improve their health. Whenever people have high cholesterol, they often get help from a dietitian.

Dietitians also help people suffering from high blood pressure. You’ll teach people good dietary habits, and you’ll also learn some of them yourself, too.

Building a Career in the Fitness Industry

Starting a new career in the fitness industry could be the perfect change of pace. Your work will make a direct impact, and you’ll help other people every day. Plus, you’ll develop a ton of skills you can use in your own life, too.

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