6 New Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors

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It may be winter, but haven’t you had enough of being inside this year? After the events of 2020, many people crave getting back in touch with nature and gaze at something besides the same four walls.


What can you do on your adventure, since social distancing will remain the name of the game until COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available? If you are seeking more than a walk in the park, here are six new ways to enjoy the outdoors


1. Hunt Something New 

Hunting has existed ever since the first human discovered that juicy steaks taste delicious. Okay, primitive hunters probably dined on whatever they could bring down with a sling or simple spear—rabbit, squirrels and maybe the occasional deer. Once they got the knack, sizable groups working together could bring down a mammoth and have food enough to last the long winter.


You have decided advantages over your primitive kin in the form of high-powered weaponry. Even if you are a seasoned hunter, why not try your hand at bagging some big game? If you are fortunate, you could win a draw to hunt some elk out west — it’s different from bagging your average buck.


Make sure that the artillery you take is legal in your jurisdiction. Many western states, save for California and Washington, let you hunt with an AR-15 for example, but the weapon is forbidden for the purpose in many New England spots.


2.) Try Yoga in Nature

Maybe hunting down Bambi isn’t your bag. Hey, that’s okay — that’s why we have grocery stores and things like tofu and tempeh. If your personality sways more toward the gentle arts, why not consider trying yoga in nature?


You’ll find it considerably harder to keep your balance in tree pose when you have to close your eyes due to glaring sunlight. However, if you head out to a sunny spot on a warm day, Mother Nature heats your core like the best Bikram class ever. There’s something about sweating it up outside that feels extra purifying.


Once the weather warms up enough, why not give yoga on a paddle board a try? If you thought balance was challenging on land, you’re in for a shock — but if you fall, you land in the water, so no harm, no foul, other than your hairdo. Rock a messy bun if you have long locks and get out there.


3. Train for an Adventure Race

Half and full-marathons are fun, but not everyone has the time to train for a race that takes hours to run. However, races such as Tough Mudder give you the joy of getting dirty and climbing over obstacles while completing the course in far less time.

Thanks to COVID-19, you might have extra time to train for the gold. However, a quick Google search reveals that many races are still on — even if they’re postponed a bit. In the meantime, you’ll get a jumpstart on your new year’s get-fit resolution while you prepare.


4. Parkour Your Way

What’s the fastest way to travel from point A to point B? If you said a straight line, you win the kewpie doll — but what if someone put a wall in your way? Are you going to let an inanimate object make you walk around needlessly?

Not if you get into parkour, you won’t. While this way to enjoy the outdoors sounds newfangled, it got its start from training methods introduced by Georges Hebert before World War I.

Basically, the idea is to let nothing stand in your way. You’ll never look at a fence as an impediment again.


5. Go Geocaching

Geocaching brings the thrill of treasure-seeking to the high-tech world. To participate, you first need to join a group and visit their cache page to get the GPS coordinates of a stash you hope to find.

Once you locate the kitty, you keep it where it is to let others enjoy the outdoor fun. However, whip out that selfie stick first so that you can share your triumph on social media.


6. Take a Hike 

“Wait a second,” you might be thinking, “I thought this list dealt with new ways to enjoy the outdoors. What’s so original about hiking?”

Everything — if you take a trek you never explored before. If you live along the Appalachian trail but traverse the same mileage each weekend, why not drive to another location to complete a section you haven’t seen? If you tend to stick to journeys rated “easy” or “medium” in your guide, gear up and try a tough climb on for size. Every time you push your limits, you gain a fresh appreciation for what your body can do.

Try These 6 New Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in 2021

If you are like many, you’re sick of being stuck inside after months of quarantines. Try these new ways to enjoy the outdoors and have some socially distant fun while awaiting your vaccine.

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