7 Gadget Essentials For Your Next Hiking Trip

Nature and technology are two things that do not necessarily go together. After all, we choose to go camping and hiking as an attempt to get away from our work screens and app notifications.  

However, there are times when tech meets nature with ease. More and more, people are heading to nature in order to escape their boxed in workdays. Therefore, numerous developers have created technical apps to help you get the best of the outdoor experience. Additionally, there are some well designed (don’t forget to pack the obvious) gadgets to maintain your wellbeing while appreciating nature.

Here are some of our suggestions of gadgets and gizmos to pack for your time in the nature zone.


If you can’t see it, is it even there? An important part of hiking consists of enjoying the views. We recommend using a high-quality pair of binoculars that are lightweight and compact. If you need help selecting a model, go to to find one that best suits your needs.


Even though you can use your smartphone as a GPS, um duh… experts argue that it is best that you invest in a separate GPS system when hiking. That is because inbuilt map applications on our phones do not always work in areas where there is no internet connection. So use a GPS to avoid getting lost when exploring areas that are not that well-traveled.

GPS gadgets are budget-friendly and come supplied with detailed maps. And they are ruggedly designed for various weather conditions. Plus, most of them have rechargeable batteries so you can prep before your trip.