8 Ways to Boost Your Fitness Routine

Whether you go for short walks around your neighborhood, do ten-mile runs, ride your bike, or sweat it out at the gym, at some point, it won’t feel like much of a challenge anymore. That’s an excellent improvement. It’s also a sign that it’s time to move on.

It’s possible that you’ve grown accustomed to your routine to the point that it’s now too simple. It’s time to shake things up if you want to get quicker or stronger or if you just want to avoid boredom. Making it a habit to alter your routine – especially when you find that your current plan has become too comfortable – is the best approach to keep increasing muscle mass and burning energy. 

You’re ready to boost your fitness routine. Let’s talk about what you can change to make it harder and more fun for you. 


Do Cardio on an Empty Stomach

This is called fasted cardio, and it’s done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Adding 1–2 sessions of 30–40 minutes per week to your workout routine will help you lose weight. It’s also a fantastic way to get your day and boost your energy levels.


Separate Workouts

Don’t combine weights and cardio in the same session to gain lean muscle. Cardiovascular exercise raises stress hormone levels in the body, preventing muscular growth.


Use the FITT Principles

FITT refers to a set of exercise principles, and it represents:

● Frequency: How frequently do you exercise?

If you’re already doing it twice a week, consider adding a third day to boost your fitness routine,  and see how it goes.

● Intensity: How hard do you work out?

Check to see if you’re actually pushing yourself or if the exercise is fairly easy. Push yourself a little harder, whether by increasing your speed or adding additional weight or resistance.

● Time: How long do your workouts last?

If you’ve been doing 20-minute runs for weeks now and you’re starting to feel pretty snug in that routine, try adding a few more minutes until you eventually get to doing 30-minute runs. 

● Type: What kinds of exercises are you doing?

Consider transitioning from walking to jogging, jogging to running, or adding a new exercise altogether, such as cycling, swimming, pilates, or weight training.

Try Natural Supplements

Natural supplements are meant to help you build lean muscle, increase endurance, and maximize your workouts. Turkesterone is one of the most popular workout supplements right now. It has piqued the curiosity of the bodybuilding world because it has the potential to significantly increase your performance, gains, and body composition.


Use Exercise Videos or Apps

Workout videos are a terrific way to spice up your home workout regimen. Take on a “30 days of yoga” challenge or try one different sort of exercise each week with the help of the numerous videos available online. You can also utilize apps to track your progress and performance, which can be a fantastic source of encouragement if you’re struggling to stay on track.


Use Forced Reps on Your Last Lasts

In a study exploring the connection between exercise and growth hormone (GH), the participants’ (GH) levels were about 4,000% higher when they did an exercise with forced reps (a spotter helped them get past their sticking places to get a few extra reps). When your muscles start giving out on the last set of each exercise, go for 2-3 forced reps. Make sure to have someone there to help you do this, and be careful to avoid overtraining.


Change Your Rep Speed

Another study shows us how fast repetitions (one second on the positive and negative sections of the rep) generated more strength than slow reps (three seconds each on the positive and negative). This is because fast-twitch muscle fibers have the highest potential for strength gains. On the other hand, slow-rep participants acquired more muscle mass than fast-rep subjects, owing to the extended muscular duration under tension and microtrauma. 

The best method to enhance strength and size is to combine the two. For example, try doing 2-3 weeks of quick reps followed by 2-3 weeks of slow reps instead of your usual controlled rep speed.


Charge Your Workouts with Caffeine

Take 200-400mg of caffeine an hour or two before your workout. Caffeine consumed before a workout enhances fat-burning and endurance while also reducing muscle soreness. So, it can help you boost your fitness routine by adding more reps and burning fat more effectively. Caffeine supplements have been shown to be more effective than caffeine from coffee in studies.


Have Fun with Your Fitness Routine

Experimenting with your fitness routine will keep you from getting bored, but it will also force your body and mind to adjust to varying intensities, movements, and cognitive stimulation. Changing things up can provide excitement, challenge, and enjoyment to your workout. We provide a variety of options for boosting your fitness routine, and there is something for everyone – so dive into the process and have fun with it!


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