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Couples Golfing: Everything you need to know!

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Finding activities that you enjoy with your partner is essential for long term relationship health. Golf does not have to be something that only one person plays. Although it is good for people to have their own hobbies, couples golf can be quite a bit of fun. However, before you hit the links, there are things that you must know about couples golf. Making sure that you and your partner are on the same page will make the experience on the course much more fun.

Proper Equipment 

For most couples, one partner is already going to be involved in golf somehow, and the other player will be new to the game. Making sure that everyone has the proper equipment  is an essential first step.


For women golfers to have to share clubs with their husbands is not usually going to be a great fit. The clubs will be too long, too heavy, and make the game a lot less fun. If you are serious about getting into golf as a couple, everyone needs their own equipment.


A beginner set of golf clubs will be lightweight, high launching, and actually allow beginners to hit a few good shots in the course of a round. When beginners start playing golf, all it takes is a few good shots to make the game a lot more fun and entertaining.


If you are afraid to invest in golf clubs, see if your local golf course has a rental set that you can take out for an afternoon. Trust us on this one it will be better than sharing mix-matched equipment that doesn’t fit a person properly.

Keep the Advice to A Minimum

Before setting out for your first round of couples golf, you must lay some ground rules about advice. When amateur golfers give other amateur golfers advice, it’s kind of a disaster. In fact, you can ask any PGA Professional about this, and they will cringe.


People that teach the game of golf study for a very long time. They understand the science and mechanics behind the golf swing, and they know how to communicate this information to another person. When amateurs try to provide advice like “Keep your head down” or “keep your left arm straight,” chances are they have no idea what they are talking about.


If you are headed out for couples golf, do yourselves a favor and take lessons with a professional. You can even take a couples lesson and have the pro teach you how to help each other. This is much more effective than trading poor advice throughout the course of a round.


We know everyone means well, but keep your advice to a minimum so that your couples golf experience lasts more than just three holes!

Friendly Competition 

It can be fun to set up some kind of friendly competition between partners. The competition does not have to be related to scoring; in fact, it is often best to ignore the score and create other types of competition.


One of the best options is to count putts. Putting is something that golfers have equal opportunity to learn to be good at. Whether you shoot 75 or 95, you may have the same number of putts in a round.


Keep track of how many putts you both make on a hole and see who has less at the end of your day on the golf course. The competition can make golfers focus on the game a bit more, and it just adds some fun to the sport. After all, golf is a competitive sport.


Golf With Other Couples 

One of the best ways to make couples golf more fun is to find other couples that also play golf. When you play golf with another couple, we highly recommend switching carts after nine holes. For nine holes, ride with your partner; for the second nine, ride with your friend on the other cart.


This helps to break up the round, and you can even set it up to play competitions with different teams throughout the round. Nobody said you had to stay stuck in your golf cart for a full 18 holes!


When you start playing more golf with other couples, you may find that there are local couples golf events that you can participate in. These are usually quite fun. Most couples events involve relaxed styles of play and have some sort of social gathering afterward.


We like these events because they help the people who aren’t 100 percent into improving their golf career. If your partner is a bit more into the game’s social aspect, these couples golf events can keep everybody happy.

Keep It Short The First Time Out 

Golf takes a long time to play. You can estimate that an 18 hole round will take at least four and a half, probably closer to five hours. This is quite a bit of time to spend if the couple’s golf experience doesn’t quite work out.

Try starting with a nine-hole event and maybe even play an alternate format. A scramble format is an excellent choice as golfers do not have to worry if they make a bad shot here and there. Scramble formats take a bit of the pressure off, and they can make couples golf much more fun.

It may also be a good idea to start at the driving range. Starting at the driving range means you can practice together before heading to the golf course. The driving range will give you a good indication if this will be an activity that is a good match for you and your partner. Some couples that start playing golf together will choose to play together for years to come; however, you must start out on the right foot.

Patience Is Key 

Chances are heading out on the golf course with your partner is going to show you a side of them that you may not have seen before. Golf is a very humbling sport, and people get frustrated by it quite easily.


Make sure that you are patient with your partner while you are on the golf course together. Remember, when the round of golf is over, you will have to go home together! Don’t blame that five foot putt you missed on your partner, or you may be setting yourself up for a rough evening.

Couples Golf, It’s Worth A Shot! 

Finding a great golf partner can be a bit tricky. If you have found a great life partner, you may want to see if they are also a good fit as a golf partner. If you keep in mind that you are probably at different points in your golf career and that you may have different golf goals, couples golf can be quite a bit of fun. Incorporate some lessons with golf professionals so that no bad advice is shared between participants. When you play couples golf, always remember that the ultimate goal is to have fun. If fun means some friendly competition or just some peace and quiet, find a way that both partners can enjoy themselves while they are on the course.

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