Burger Bash 101: How to Throw an Awesome Burger Night With Friends

Throwing a party can be a lot of fun, but it also requires you to think everything through. From figuring out what to serve to ensure there are enough drinks and snacks to choosing the best games to play, there’s a lot of planning and organizing involved in throwing a fantastic, memorable party night.

One way you can make a party better? Make it all about everyone’s favorite comfort food – burgers! Juicy and delicious, a burger is an ideal crowd-pleaser and a superb choice for a casual night with friends. Below, a few tips on how you can throw an awesome burger bash and make sure everyone remembers it.

Pick a theme to stick to

When looking to throw an awesome burger night with friends, you want to start by tackling the basics. Imagine how you want your party to look like. Are there any recurring elements, colors, and the like? This can be your party theme. Having a themed party is great for several reasons.

For starters, it makes it easier to decide on the decorations, entertainment, food, etc. It makes everything look cohesive and unified, and it helps your party stand out. What’s more, your guests will know what to expect once they know what the party theme will be. You can take things a step further and have your guests follow a dress code. It can make things a lot more fun and take your burger bash to the next level.

Get cooking!

Once you’ve tackled the party theme and decor, it’s time to move on to the real star of the show – food. Since your party night will be all about burgers, you need to decide how much you need, and then gather up all the ingredients.

If you’re not so great at the kitchen or are simply short on time, no worries! Sometimes, getting the food on the table can be as simple as finding that one place in town that offers the best burgers around and ordering your favorite ones. Depending on your preferences, you can have them delivered or pick them up yourself. Either way, having someone else tackle the cooking part will help you focus on other aspects of your burger bash, ensuring your guests have an amazing time.

Consider the side dishes

Burgers are great and all, but even they need a side dish or two to feel complete. Depending on the type of burgers you’ll be serving, you can offer everything from salads and veggies to pastas and fries. For deliciously perfect pairing, consider the taste profile of each burger. Then, select the side dish that will correspond to it and balance everything out.

Enrich your burger dishes with creamed spinach and baked beans, or serve up the health-conscious steamed asparagus and pickled veggies. Keep it crunchy with zucchini chips, cut calories with sweet potato fries, or make it juicy with roasted tomatoes. You can also freshen things up with a melon and cucumber salad, avocado salad, or pasta salad. Or, go all the way and serve up some sinfully delicious onion rings and some hearty mac and cheese. When it comes to burger side dishes, the world is your oyster!

Serve up drinks and sweets

Alcoholic or not, drinks are an essential part of social gatherings, especially after a hearty dish like burgers. Depending on the seating arrangement, available space, and party theme, you can serve your drinks in several ways.

For a more casual vibe, set up a DIY drink station equipped with patterned runners, colorful straws, and fun garnishes. You can also use your console table as a bar, or put everything in a beverage tub. Don’t forget to serve up some scrumptious treats as a little something to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth. This can include anything from the perfectly summery s’mores cake to ultimate party desserts such as brownies, donuts, and cupcakes.

Let the games begin!

After a finger-licking good feast, it’s time to move on to activities. If your party is taking place outdoors, take advantage of the weather by playing games such as beer pong, outdoor twister, or giant Jenga.

For indoor parties, card games along with charades are always a good idea. To make your party games even more fun, add a little alcohol to the mix. With a couple of modifications, any game can become a drinking game and turn a party into a memorable feast.

Wrapping up

As a party host, you want to ensure everyone is having a good time. With a little planning and organizing, you can have the burger bash that will have everyone talking about it for days afterward.

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