10 Date Ideas For You And Your Besties This Gal-Entines Day

Being single this Valentine’s day doesn’t have to suck, V-Day is all about love. And for gals, there’s no rule book that says that that love has to be romantic love. It can totally be a platonic love. It can also be love that you and your closest girlfriends share! This Valentine’s day get your girls together and take each other out on the best Gal-entines day date EVER!

 1. Dinner!

Get dressed up and go out to a boujie restaurant and treat yourself, ladies!

2. Shopping Day!

I mean what says love more than checking in with your mental health with a little retail therapy?!? Enjoying the process with your favorite ladies just makes it that much more enjoyable!


3. Wine Tasting!

I mean this is just a classy way of getting tipsy, right? I mean… expanding your pallet … while feeling quite gooodddd!

4. Go Out Dancing!

After dinner at that boujie restaurant go out and dance! It’s got to be ladies’ night somewhere! Get out there and shake it!

5. Spa Day!

Facials, mani & Pedi as well as a massage?!? That just sounds like Heaven on earth!


6. Day Trip!

Pack up the car and just drive! Whether you have a destination or not, grab the girls and just GO! This also gives you ladies a chance to put on a concert starring the one and only!

7. The Classic Sleepover!

Order the pizza, grab the chips, the chocolates, and pop the popcorn! This night is going to consist of movies, wine and OF COURSE girl talk!  Who said once you become an adult you can’t have sleepovers with your best friends anymore?!?!

8. Have Cookie Baking Party!

May or may not have gotten this idea from an old Mary Kate and Ashley movie, but Hey! It sounds Fun! so why the heck not!?!

9. Have a Little White Lies T-Shirt Party!

This trend is going WILD on Tik Tok! Head on over to Walmart and pick up a plain white T-Shirt and some fabric markers and write a little white lie about yourself!

10. Zoom Date!

COVID has sucked the life out of pretty much everything this past year, if your ladies live far and you aren’t able to see them plan a zoom date! Make it a happy hour even with your favorite cocktail and catch up with your bestie!

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