How To Support A Pregnant Friend

Being pregnant is one of the best, yet most difficult states a woman can be in. Therefore, it is our duty as her friends to try and be as supportive as we can, and help her through those times.

If you are unsure how best to support your friend during pregnancy, here are some useful tips.

Don’t be frank about childbirth

Whatever you do, do not tell her about your horror birth story, or the one that you heard from a friend. Birth is scary as is, and during pregnancy, women are fed with statistics, and information about what can go wrong with their baby, and the least they need is someone adding to their fear.

Stressing out a mom-to-be is not good for the baby, and you might even end up losing a friend if they do not want to hear the negative sides of the pregnancy.

Stick with the usual by telling her that it isn’t that scary, or that once she holds her baby, all the pain goes away.

Let them be naive

First time parents are always naive. They have no clue what’s in store for them, and better yet. They should wear their look through rose-colored glasses for as long as they can, and enjoy their pregnancy. If they tell you something like “How hard can babies be, anyway? They just eat and sleep.” you just smile and nod your head. If they compare having babies with having baby pets, do not hold it against them, and forget they ever said that when they have the baby.

Give her a complete maternity bag list

A maternity bag list is a little challenging to make if you have no idea what you need. Things like lip balm are not the first item to come to mind when packing for the hospital, but it is one of the most essential.

If you want to support your friend, make a detailed list of all the things they need, and write explanations for items that may not be as common.

Or better yet, go to that friend, and pack their bag with them. They will certainly appreciate your help, and not have to bend over to pack everything they need for the most important stay of their life.

Treat her before the baby comes

As a pregnant woman, you can’t do many things. So, those few things that are available are important. You can make her an appointment for a nice foot rub, or a face massage, something to soothe her and wipe away the stress.

Or you can treat her to some food tasting, or even some wine tasting if the doctor approves.

Take her shopping

One of the most exciting things you can do for your pregnant friend is taking her shopping! Buying all the cute baby clothes for her little one will inevitably make her day. Additionally, you will help her with choosing clothes that are necessary, and avoid piling up on the things that the baby will not even need, or will grow out of quickly.

It goes without saying – carry all the bags for her, and take her for a celebratory cake at the end of your shopping spree.


Plan the most amazing baby shower

Most first time moms don’t really know what they need for the baby, and a baby shower is a great help for that. You can invite all her friends that are already moms, and know what a new mom can use, and don’t forget to invite her mom, aunts, and grandmas.

Sit with your friend and ask her what she would like the theme to be, and don’t accept no for an answer. Most moms think they are being too much for wanting a baby shower, but if you cave and miss out on throwing one, she will regret it.

Get balloons, finger food, favorite snacks and ice cream, and make it a cheat day when all the cravings are totally fine, and she can enjoy it endlessly.

Having a pregnant friend means sharing all the great (and the not so great) moments with them. Hopefully, these tips helped you understand what kind of friend you need to be.

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