How To Write A Graduation Speech For A Friend

Graduation speeches are usually the highlight of the event. They are an excellent way to show your congratulatory love to the graduate and give them a pat on the back for managing to cross that bridge.

Writing a speech for a friend is different now that it has to be more personal and polished. So instead of raking your mind on what to do, but get instant and seamless speech or essay writing help check out and search the keywords “Pay for an Essay”. Sometimes it is easier to pay for essays and find someone to write my essay or speech.

You only need to share particulars you want to be included in the speech, pay the money, and wait for the team to whip up an excellent piece on your behalf. However, if you’d rather take on the task and write a heartfelt graduation speech for a friend, here are a few pointers to help with that.

Appreciate The Relevant Persons

Greeting the congregants and appreciating the person that introduced you to come to deliver your speech should be the first thing you do. It’s courteous to say hello to the people in the room, and it is an effortless way of breaking the ice and bonding with the audience.

As for the person that introduced you, they are responsible for ensuring you don’t have an awkward moment when you step on the stage to speak. So, be sure to acknowledge their presence and appreciate their efforts.

While at it, take time to know the guests of honor that graced your best friend’s graduation and appreciate their presence. Your friend should top that list, her or his parents and family, school professors or teachers, then others. Ensure every person feels welcomed and appreciated for showing up.

Ask your friend for pointers if you’re unsure of what order this list should be in. You won’t risk skipping anyone or using the wrong credentials.


A theme is an indispensable guide that helps you structure your speech orderly. It enables you to find material related to one topic and refrain from talking aimlessly. Aside from ensuring you’re organized, it positions you strategically to connect with the audience.

You can effortlessly move them with your speech if you choose a theme, especially one that resonates with your graduating friend.

Incorporating a theme at the first stage of a speech sets the tone for your address. You can select regular ones that revolve around never giving up, the importance of dreaming, why you shouldn’t be afraid of failure, and learning from mistakes.

Quote Something

With the greetings out of the way, you can capture the audience’s attention using a quote. The quote is an excellent way to tie in your theme and build up your speech. And no, it doesn’t have to be said by some iconic person known to everyone.

You can mention one said by your teachers, lecturers, parents, or any random person as long as it inspires you. The idea is to ascertain that it blends in perfectly with the theme to give you an easy time. Here are some easy ways to introduce a quote at a graduation party.

  1.  My mother/teacher always says hard work and clever work go hand in hand…

  2.  Positive meditation is vital in creating the life you want, which is part of Oprah’s daily routine. The television mogul mentions that…

  3.  James 2:26 says that faith without action is dead, and these are words that my friend has lived by…

Personate This Quote to Your Friend’s Life

Having spent lots of time with your friend in school, you’re bound to know more about them than anyone else. Whether you’re talking about tenacity, resilience, hard work, standing up after a fall, or faith, resonating with the theme and the quote you mentioned about your friend’s life will get your audience hooked.

They will want to know what made you choose those options and what makes your friend’s personality resonate with what you’ve mentioned.

Elaborate on how you have seen your friend manifest particular characteristics that made them who they are. Don’t be afraid to use personal experiences, even private ones. However, be sure to ask your ally for permission to use their experiences in your speech to a friend and the go-ahead to mention their private life. Remember to keep the details on the surface to avoid embarrassing your pal.

Add Some Humor

When thinking of how to write a graduation speech, you must consider making the crowd laugh. Laughter is medicine, they say, but it’s also a great way of creating a different ambiance and keeping your listeners entertained and engaged. Cracking a joke somewhere during the speech is a seamless way of engaging your audience and ensuring they don’t zone out.

If you’re a natural comedian, this can work to your advantage. However, you must ensure not to make the speech about you. Use your public speaking and joke-cracking skills to keep the crowd attentive during your address.

Remember, if you turn it into a Trevah Noah show, you can quickly digress into something different. One or two jokes in between will suffice.

Don’t Be Predictable

One of the fastest ways to lose your crowd is to be cliché. No one said you must use the tips for writing a graduation speech in the same order to write yours. Considering this is not an academic setting, you can lessen the formalities and be more comical.

You do not need to line up point after point or utilize a PowerPoint display unless you have images or videos you’d like to share. Try and do things differently, especially since you’re going to be among the many people addressing the crowd to congratulate the graduate.

If you are not an avid writer, you can check out online resources to help you grasp other writing styles to write essay or your speech.

Congratulate Your Friend for Achieving the Milestone

This speech aims to congratulate your friend for working hard to complete this milestone. Don’t be caught up in the joke-cracking and quotes and forget to applaud them for their progress. Congratulate them for making it that far regardless of the obstacles and urge them to pursue greater heights in education.

Remember to limit your speech to a page or two to avoid boring the crowd. Take note of the time and respect it. You’re not the only one in line to make a speech, so consider the time factor. And once you’re done, you can make a toast dedicated to the graduate and make your way back to the seat.

Wrap Up

These tips on how to write a good speech for graduation should help you write something for your pal. Writing a speech for your friend is an intimate thing you shouldn’t skip. Ensure you make it as personal as possible and about the person of the day.