Sadly, This Is Why Not All Friendships Make It to Forever

Friends are vital. They sustain us, keep us going, and make us feel at home. Friendships are something we all have and need at different points in our life’s, for different reasons.


Flashback to the past. For some, you don’t remember their names and would rather not. For others, those were some of your best days and your best friends.


Fast forward to your present, where you’re finding time to make friends and be a friend. They never tell you how hard it is. They never mention that some days you have to fight like crazy to keep up with the old and make room for the new.


There are some friendships you’ll make in your lifetime that you’ll be forever grateful for. You’ll wonder how you even managed to get through life without ever knowing them.


These are the friendships you must hang onto. They make you better just by knowing them. We all need that friendship that reminds us what it’s like to be free and feel complete.


However, you have the friendships that you’re hanging onto by a thread. The ones you’ve stayed in because it’s comfortable and safe. The type of friendships that you constantly convince yourself to be in.