13 Strange Addictions You'll Be Glad Aren't Yours

“OMG! I’m like sooo totally addicted to that!???… We’ve all said those words, especially when talking about chocolate or HGTV. 

But these readers take addictions to a whole new level! Here are the 13 weirdest addictions we’ve ever heard of!

1. The adult Linus…

“I have a pillow I take with me anywhere I sleep. I sometimes bring it to work and take a nap on my lunch breaks. But the thing about it is…. I haven’t washed it in a little over two years. Me and my pillow are like a little kid with a blanket. I can’t sleep without it!???

-Lauren, 25

2. I guess this girl plans on getting lucky… every night.

“I bring my toothbrush and toothpaste every time I leave the house, just in case. I hate leaving someone else’s place looking like a hot mess.???

-Kimmy, 22

3. That must be the cleanest damn apartment in America.

“I need to vacuum and wash all of my dishes before leaving my house. Every. Single. Time.???

-Sarah, 27

3. Well, we all get off on something!

“I am always on top. The only way I get off is if he squeezes my ribs to get me to cum. The pressure is amazing.???

-Stef, 24

4. That’s a new security blanket.

“I NEED chapstick on me at all times. Ever since I was in high school, now an adult in the “real world,” the chapstick is my safe place. When I have it on, I feel content and calm. When I’m nervous or excited, I reach for it- even if I literally just applied it. The plus side is my boyfriend says I always have soft lips!???

-Kaitlyn, 22

5. …and how exactly would the phone help??

“I refuse to leave the house without my phone. I think I will get kidnapped if I don’t have it…???

-Joan, 20

6. This is a routine not to mess with!

“In the mornings I have to have a cup of water, then my coffee, wash my face, then have my breakfast. In that exact order. If not, my day will go to shit!???

-Hannah, 22

7. That is one concise list!

“My addictions? Snickers. Hickies. Ice cubes.???

-Valerie, 27


“Not anymore, but when I was younger, I thought sacrificing my hamsters was the only way to get my crush to ask me out!???

-Jade, 29

9. Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

“I don’t leave my house without my double blade batman knife. I feel like I’m going to be attacked if I don’t have it.???

-Margaret, 23

10. Cleanliness is next to godliness…?

“I am such a germaphobe! Not only do a wipe down my computer after work, I sneak around to my co-worker’s stations and wipe down their desks. I’m just terrified of getting sick!???

-Amanda, 25

11. That must be a loud bedroom!

“My boyfriend can only cum if I describe to him exactly what he feels like in me. I need to tell him how big he is and then tell him how he’s making me cum.??? 

-Jess, 23

12. Staying hip to the trends?

“I have to double check every social media app I have and check urban dictionary for new words and stalk all my exes before I can fall asleep.???

-Fran, 20

13. Just… eewww…

“Thank God this is anonymous… I need to shit like three times a day because I’m on a special diet. Because I spend so much time in the bathroom, I smell a lot of things. 

I’ve gotten addicted to guessing what a person just ate by smelling their poop! It makes me look forward to my next trip to the bathroom!???

-Rachel, 23