26 Words That are Basically the Equivalent of Ugg Boots

Swag; as a noun: awesome. As a verb: Irritating. Cray cray? Love it. ’bout that life? Yup. But there are some catch phrases that need to go……Now. Here are 25, feel free to add your own.

  1. Turn up/Turn down for what: Every time I hear this I want to channel my inner old lady and shout “get off my lawn!”
  2. Ratchet: A ratchet is a tool. So is everyone who insists on using this word.
  3. Twerk: When I typed this word, the computer tried to correct me. As I am trying to correct those of you who think this word/behavior is okay. It’s not. 
  4. Basic: Basic? Really? Come on, now you’re not even trying.
  5. Amazeballs: Actually, this is fine. If you’re 11.
  6. YOLO: Not only is this acronym tired and irritating, it’s insensitive to people who believe in reincarnation.
  7. Totes: Unless, you work at Target and are unloading a shipment of reusable bags using this word makes you sound like a moron. And we are judging you.
  8. Wonky: Unless you are abbreviating Wonka then……no, never mind, don’t do that either.
  9. Surreal: People use this in an attempt to sound smart. And if you have to try to sound smart, you’re not. Sorry.
  10. Chillax: Ugh! It’s chill or relax and I can do neither until this word goes away.
  11. Shut up: Exactly.
  12. K.K: Meaning Okay. Are we seriously this lazy as a society? 
  13. Slippery slope: The next person who says this is getting pushed down one.
  14. As Such: This is an attempt at business speak, which is a whole other category of annoying.
  15. Deets: I don’t even know what this one means. And I don’t want to.
  16. Sitch: Again with the laziness. Isn’t sloth one of the seven deadly sins.
  17. 2 in place to too (or to, or two): Don’t make me kill you.
  18. Sesh: As in short for session. Who uses session in everyday convo? Which brings me to
  19. Convo: Seriously?
  20. Bestie: This only works if you’re Amy Farrah Fowler. As for the rest of you? Not so much.
  21. Mad (as in “mad hard”): This makes me……..well, you know.
  22. Wifey: Grounds for divorce, if you ask me.
  23. Frenemy: Is anyone still using this one? If so, please stop.
  24. Uber: This word is uber-annoying.
  25. Keep calm and_____on: Like so many other things, this one has run its course.
  26. Also, Confusion of They’re, there, and their: What is wrong with you people? 

Of course this is just my opinion, I could be wrong. (but i’m not).