Broken Girl Code: 9 Chicks Confess Their Sins

Move over Regina George, there’s a new Queen B in town.

Girl on girl crime is running rampant! We asked our readers to tell us the worst things they’ve ever done behind their best friend’s backs. 

The most interesting thing isn’t what they were doing, but WHO they were doing it with!

1. But, was it worth it??

“I told my best friend I would never sleep with her brother. I have twice, he's got the smallest dick I've ever seen- but he's so goddamn hot!”

-Margaret, 20

2. Revenge is a dish best served cold…

“As revenge, I had sex with my BFF’s boyfriend. He told her, then broke up with her and we started dating. Me and him are still together to this day, and she still hates me.” 

-Rachel, 28

3. Little did she know…

“I hooked up with my friend's ex-boyfriend. Doesn't sound too horrible right? But what if I told you she was pregnant with his babies, yes BABIES, TWINS! She went on to have an abortion. 

Weeks passed and he tried confessing to her that me and him hooked up. She told him that I would never do anything like that to her. 

OOOOPS. Till this day she does not know; 10+ years later.” 

-Deidre, 26 

4. That’s not the best way to celebrate the big 3-0!

“We had my 30th birthday party at my house and my boyfriend of over a year got a DJ to play music. We had a large group of friends over all night partying. A few people stayed the whole night. 

The next day I was nursing my hangover and laying down in my bed. I heard a funny noise coming from the living room so I go to look. The noise was from the couch rocking back and forth. 

My boyfriend and one of my girl friends were having sex… Happy 30th birthday to me!” 

-Jamie, 32

5. We’re not really sure who the “Joke’s On”…

“One of my ex-best friends posted on social media that I had a nasty STD, told everyone in town and constantly talks about it when I'm around. But jokes on her, I got it from her ex-boyfriend.”

-Steph, 19

6. Now THAT is a true Girl on Girl crime!

“My friend had just come out of the closet. I'm straight. She was in love with this woman. I stole the woman and dated her for a year behind her back. Then we broke up. My BFF knows and luckily forgave me. She is my ‘person’. Has been for 25 years.” 

-Lesley, 33

7. Trading a brother for an ex- that’s one way to lose a friend!

“I hooked up with my best friends ex-boyfriend… after I broke up with her brother after dating him for 3 years. Her ex-boyfriend and I are happily dating now. 

They live beside each other so it makes family functions and leaving in the morning around the same time as they do very awkward.” 

-Kim, 27

8. Ex-Boyfriends are one thing… ex-husbands are a whole different level!

“Right after their divorce he and I hung out regularly- behind her back because we knew she would be upset. One night it just happened- with no liquor in our system to blame it on. I kissed him and after making out we proceeded into the bedroom for more fun. 

After that night we agreed to take it to our graves. Him and I still are friends and talk regularly even though we are both now in committed relationships.

My friend on the other hand suspects something happen. She will never know that her ex was not only one of the best kissers I ever had but also my first one night stand!” 

-Pamela, 29

9. That would be one messed up family tree!

“My best friend was sleeping with my boyfriend during our whole relationship. Meanwhile, she was in a relationship with my brother. 

She found out she was pregnant and told my brother it was his, but when the baby was born, it was the spitting image of my boyfriend. 

They both confessed that they were cheating, yet she still had the audacity to ask my brother to be the father and for me to be the godmother.” 

-Caity, 23