Mommies and Aunties and Nannies, Oh My!: 10 Crazy Moments With Those Little Humans

We love those tiny humans in our lives… aka kids! They are endless balls of energy and give the most unconditional love.

Our readers told us some of the funniest, craziest, and scariest moments they’ve ever had with the children in their life!

1. That scare tactic backfired!

“My child watched ‘The Labyrinth’ with me and was scared of the goblins. He wasn’t listening and I was losing my mind so I knocked on the wall without him noticing and said the goblins were coming if he didn’t listen. 

At first it worked… then he started trying it on me by knocking on the floor and growling and saying ‘they’re coming’. It made me laugh. He’s too smart.???

-Tracey, 32

2. THAT is sisterly sacrifice.

“I was watching my younger brother while in line at a baseball game and we were pushed from behind. He went down, face heading straight for the concrete stairs in front of him. I barely caught him in time. 

Luckily he wasn’t the one that ended up hurt… I, on the other hand, fractured a bone rushing to save him.???

-Kim, 26

3. Monsters ARE real!

“My niece has been told that monsters aren’t real to keep her from getting scared. But I told her that there is one monster left and he lives in my ‘time out corner’. So if she doesn’t behave she’ll have to sit with the monster.???

-Shayla, 25

4. That’s one way to keep a kid occupied!

“I told my 8 year old cousin I needed to know how many ridges were in a dimes edge.???

-Chelsea, 23

5. Sure, that sounds like a medical diagnosis!

“I told my little brother that he would get booger-loogeritis the next time he ate his snot. As soon as I said that he took his finger out of his nose and wiped on his pants.???

-Lauren, 19

6. Maybe you should leave the phone at home next time…

“I was babysitting and the kid was jumping on the couch. I was fifteen so I didn’t really care because I was busy texting…until she slipped and hit her mouth on the coffee table! There was a lot of blood and I immediately freaked out and called my grandma. 

No stitches, no lasting problems, but I was scared shitless!???

-Miriam, 21

7. That poor kid’s going to be terrified of Christmas!

“I tell my son things are hot when I don’t want him to touch them. He wouldn’t leave the ornaments on the tree alone, so I told him that it was hot. He hasn’t touched it since!???

-Lacey, 28

8. At least it wasn’t the pool boy!

“I was a nanny for a very well off family who brought me to the Hamptons to watch their kids. I had to go into the mom’s room for a diaper and found her mid-climax with her ‘trainer’. I tried to walk out as quietly as possible, but I was never asked to nanny for them after that summer!???

-Madison, 25

9. That’s some sweet, sweet revenge.

“My 12-year-old niece was being especially bratty one day. She looked at me and said, ‘Ew, Your hair looks so greasy’. 

Later on, she was telling me that she was going to see Frozen that weekend. I decided to tell her the entire ending. She said ‘Hey! You just ruined it for me!’ I said, ‘Well, you shouldn’t have told me my hair was greasy’.???

-Amanda, 23

10. Kids are just little sponges!

“Growing up I was always very sarcastic. My grandfather would always say ‘okay, smart ass’ and I would always retort with ‘in a world full of dumb asses there needs to be at least one’. I guess my niece heard that a few times over the years. 

When she was 4, her daddy was trying to get her up to the table to eat and she refused. He asked her ‘well how are you gonna eat if you’re in the floor?’ She pops off ‘with my mouth’. 

My brother mumbles ‘smart ass’ under his breath and she hears him. She responded ‘well daddy there’s a world full of dumb asses’. That was a fun phone call…???

-Sarah, 23