What's in a Name? 10 Things People with Unique Names Are Tired of Hearing.

My name is Mar-li. Yes, that’s how it’s spelled, hyphen and all.

My entire life I’ve been asked questions about my name; “Where did it come from?” “What does it mean?” “Why does it have a hyphen?”(because my mother is crazy). Generally, the Q and A session is fine with me, but there ARE a few things I am tired of hearing and I get the feeling I’m not alone. So, on behalf of everyone baring a unique name, here are a few questions/comments we’ve heard enough of:

1. “That sounds…” (Insert ethnicity here).

I have been told my name sounds Japanese, which is awesome because I have Japanese cousins. However, I doubt they had anything to do with naming me.

2. “Why?”

Be more specific; Why is the sky blue? Why are oceans salty? Why are you an insensitive idiot? Why what, exactly?

3. “Oh! Like…” (Insert overused reference here).

If I hear Marley & Me one more time…

4. “Does everyone in your family have a name like that?”

Um, i’m not sure I understand the question…

5. “Do you have a nickname?”


6. “Wouldn’t it have been easier if your parents named you…” (Insert similar sounding normal name here).

Apparently not, seeing as they didn’t.

7. “Did your parents actually spell it like that?” (After seeing your name spelled for the first time).

Wait, let me think…

8. “Have you ever considered changing your name?”

Have you ever considered changing your personality?

9. “Do you think your name will ever be popular?”

I hope not.

10. “What’s it short for?”

If I tell you, I have to kill you.