16 Things Only A Self Care Spa Goer Gal Will Relate To

Spa time is the best time as far as I am concerned. I am the type of girl that can find escapism behind the curtain of a quiet room and an inner calm in the steam room, hot spring and sauna. And I will be first in line when body treatments are back on the menu. Can someone say salt scrub?

Even in the midst of the pandemic and with little access to day spa life, I find myself creating a spa environment in my home. If you are like me, you can relate to these things.

1.) I cannot leave the store without at least four herbs. Rosemary is my very best friend. And I will put any herb in a vase around my house. Soap is an herbal experience!

2.) I have freeze dried Eucalyptus in my shower. To give my showers that spa fresh feeling.

3.) Did someone say tea? Mint leaves and a lemon and I am at the spahhh.

4.) My laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid and hand soaps are all herby getaway scents. Did someone want to have an Herbes De Provence dish washing experience? Raises hand.

5.) The minute I come home, my bra is off. Because my home is a spa and who wears bras in a spa?

6.) My water has at least a lemon in it if not mint leaves, raspberries, blackberries, you get the idea.

7.) I snack on macadamia and fancy covered almonds, and crackers because, spa…

8.) If I cannot get the herb version, I need the ocean version.

9.) If you asked me about my favorite body treatment, I could tell you the spa location and the entire service from the menu and offer up a name of the therapist you should ask for at the spa.

10.) I only get my nails done at places that offer spa journeys for my toes. Because my pedicure is an experience and my toes deserve a journey.

11.) I cannot just have a hand lotion, it must be organic and herb infused.

12.) My toothpaste is herb infused. My shampoo too.

13.) I have a diffuser by my bed and next to my work space.

14.) I can tell you which essential oil will get you zen and which one will perk you up.

15.) Bath bombs, bath salts, and candles…I can make a spa day out of a bath, easy.

16.) I don’t just offer up a massage for my boyfriend. There is the calm app for waves, arnica and muscle balm for his back and of course an essential oil diffuser for pumping out some eucalyptus vibes.


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