5 Tips for Maintaining an Erection

It’s not uncommon for men to find it challenging to keep a firm erection. Erection problems may be caused by high blood pressure, alcoholism, or heart disease. Long-term emotional distress and relationship conflicts may also make it challenging to keep an erection. While erection concerns are stressful, you can always find a solution. Discussed below are five tips for maintaining an erection.

  1. Take sildenafil

If you find it difficult to get and maintain an erection or you’re losing the erection too fast, sildenafil can help you last long in bed. This medication can be used as needed, half an hour to one hour before sex. Its effects fade after two or three hours. When taken in a high dosage, the erection can last up to eight hours. However, if it lasts longer than this, you should seek medical assistance.

Sildenafil shouldn’t be used more than once a day. While the medication is generally safe, it isn’t good for those who take nitrates. Its side effects aren’t long-lasting even when taken for an extended period. Consider getting a medical consultation and a Sildenafil online prescription to order this pill. Sildenafil isn’t a good option if you have heart or liver issues or low blood pressure. Note this medication is not suitable if you recently had a heart attack or stroke.

  1. Limit or avoid alcohol intake

For a man to get an erection, multiple organs come into play. Excess drinking affects these organs, making it difficult to remain erect. Alcohol overconsumption permanently damages your nerves and blood vessels while raising the possibility of cardiovascular disease, all of which affect your capacity to get an erection. Avoid or limit alcohol intake to help resolve your erection issues.

  1. Exercise regularly

The muscles responsible for maintaining an erection can lose strength and tone over time. Low physical activity levels can make it hard to keep an erection. Exercising helps your pelvic floor muscles regain their strength and tone. Pelvic floor muscles help keep blood flowing to the penis to maintain an erection by pressurizing the penile veins. Thanks to the pressure, blood remains in the penile veins, making it possible to maintain an erection.

  1. Eat healthy foods

If you’re having difficulties staying erect, your diet could be contributing to it. Eating junk food can get the blood vessels responsible for helping you acquire and maintain an erection clogged with cholesterol and fat, restricting blood flow to the penis. This keeps you from maintaining an erection firm enough for sex. Eating healthily boosts your testosterone levels and boosts your erection. So focus on foods that can help you remain erect.

  1. Stop smoking

Smoking injures the systems and organs responsible for getting blood to the penis. This makes it hard to stay erect. Smoking results in blood vessels significantly constricting, lowering the blood’s capacity to circulate around your body, the penis included. It can also result in conditions, like high blood pressure, that affect your ability to stay erect. Avoiding smoking enhances blood circulation and makes it easy for blood to flow into and remain in your penis during sex.


Some men find it difficult to stay erect during sex. However, implementing the right techniques can help maintain an erection and improve your sexual life.