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Best Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches

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Looking for ways to keep roaches away? Not only are they annoying pests crawling everywhere inside your house, but they are also carriers of diseases like diarrhea, cholera, and leprosy. Protect yourself and your family against these creatures with the following tips.

3 Ways to Remove Roaches From Your Home

Did you know cockroaches appeared 300 million years ago, even before the continents started to form? No wonder they’re the ultimate survivor. But it doesn’t mean you should tolerate them living with you in your home! Below are 3 ways on how you can eliminate roaches from your space and keep them at bay.

Regular Cleaning

Your best defense against any infestation is keeping your surroundings clean. It doesn’t only mean your house – you need to extend your cleaning to your front and backyard too. Don’t forget every nook and cranny.

You’ll need to be more alert with cleaning food and food remnants, including those that are in liquid form. Pests, especially cockroaches, are attracted to a place where food is abundant and easily accessible. So when your house has many crumbs lying around, you’ll surely get a visit from them.

Here’s how you can prevent roach infestation:

● Starting from the kitchen, make sure to clean the stove and dishwasher after using them. Don’t be content with just wiping the countertops down. Use a rag with antibacterial soap to ensure that it’s scrubbed and no scent of food remains.
● Don’t keep dirty dishes in the sink. Always wash them right away. Use a dishwashing soap that eliminates odors, and make sure your sponge is unsoiled and preferably not left to the open air.
● Always keep your refrigerator organized and free of scattered food. Make it a habit to check behind and under the refrigerator as well. 
● Thoroughly clean any table or place you eat food at – the dining table, the sofa or couch, and even the bed.
● Properly wipe down the microwave and clean it every time it’s used.
● Immediately clean any spills, especially if the liquid (drinks or sauces) is spilled on a surface that quickly absorbs substances like unvarnished wood furniture or carpets.
● Clean your house regularly. Take note of spaces you don’t always use, like the attic and the basement, because an infestation might already be beginning in the moist spots of these rooms. 
● Trash cans should be closed and have a tightly sealed lid.
● Check your yard for any trash or fallen fruit and properly throw them away.
● Store your food properly and be sure that they are in secure containers. This way, even if cockroaches roam your home, you’ll be safe from their contamination.

Baits and Traps

If, even after all your efforts to prevent roaches from going to your house, you still find some lurking around, then it’s time to kill and destroy their nest.

Locate the entry points roaches must have used to go in and out of the particular places in your house. Roaches love dark and moist places so start by looking behind the furniture, sinks, and your fridge. Look for traces of black droppings that look like black pepper or coffee grounds. 

After knowing where the roaches’ nests are, you can now set your baits. You can use the following:

● Boric acid dough balls. Create these poisonous dough balls by mixing borax powder (a cleaner additive), flour, and sugar. These balls will be eaten by the roaches and will kill them slowly. It takes effect for up to 72 hours, so the cockroach may be back to its nest. Once it dies, its body will be fed on by the other roaches and kill them.
● Diatomaceous earth. You can sprinkle this powder where roaches dwell or in spots they like the most. But be sure to keep this powder away from your food.
● Cockroaches get baits. These commercial baits are made of different insecticide formulations. Once the roaches eat it, akin to boric acid, an active ingredient called indoxacarb will kill them.
● Insect Growth Regulators (IGR). These regulators will disrupt the growth process of the roach eggs, so they don’t develop the right way and consequently won’t be able to reproduce.


When all else fails, or the infestation is just too much for you to handle, you can always turn to professional and licensed exterminators. It’s not your fault that you’re not able to control the infestation – cockroaches are quick to reproduce and multiply at a fast rate.

Keep Safe Against Roach Infestation

Thinking of your family’s safety is a priority, especially in these times of the pandemic. The best way to protect them is to keep your environment clean so make sure to check your house’s cleanliness regularly. Be vigilant and don’t settle for less when it comes to your family’s fight against the infestation.

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