Company Selling ‘Marijuana Tampons’ To Ease Horrible Period Cramps

Every girl knows the troubling time of the month when Mother Nature knocks on our door and lets us know “hey girl, you are not the mother!” Sure, we all love the sweet moment when we realize we’re not pregnant, but, we know we’re going through about a week or so of endless fetal positions, moaning, groaning, and mood swings. Some women who get their period are safe–it’s a bit of bleeding and then it’s gone. But, for some, cramps can be a serious, serious issue. When I was younger, I took anything I could find to cure my cramps–but, eventually, everything wore off and I was in severe pain. Now, one company is trying to use herbal remedies to ease your period cramps by implementing marijuana into tampons–no, I’m not kidding.

Foria, a company that develops products using cannabis, has decided to use the powerful pain-relieving effects of marijuana to help women who suffer bad period cramps. Called Foria Relief, the “tampons” apparently aren’t actual tampons but are suppositories that are inserted like tampons.