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Hidden Anxiety


Then I lay in bed thinking that maybe I will get some relief, but cannot shut my mind off so I am up until all hours. Thinking and worrying. When I finally fall asleep the nightmares set in. Or I am sleeping so soundly that anything can wake me. 


I know that when I am in a bout of anxiety that I feel like no one understands. There is nothing that anyone can do to make me feel better. And a lot of the time most of my tips for dealing with anxiety are right out the window.  I cannot even breath.  Nothing seems to help I am just letting myself drowned in anxiety. 


These are the five things that I am trying to do to pull myself out of anxiety: 


1. Breathing:

When my anxiety is this high I tend to hold my breath, which just makes things worse. So when I feel like I am falling into a bad anxiety spell I have to turn on guided breathing exercise. I also try to do grounding exercises. This also helps bring me back to reality and know that I am okay.