How Does CBD Oil Actually Make You Feel?

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At OhBeyond, we have a massive collection of CBD oil rubs and other products for therapeutic and recreational purposes. Ever wonder how you will feel when using CBD oils? Here is what you can expect. 

Does CBD Make You Feel Good?

There are several rumors circling on how CBD oils are so good and that they have a multitude of benefits. But how do you actually feel once it’s in your body?

Tons of current users attest to CBD having positive effects over time. Most notable among these positive effects are an immense feeling of calmness from subsequent use. 

But there’s something you may not not know – CBD reacts differently among users. And most differences arise from a range of factors with some outlined below;

− Age 
− Body weight
− CBD dosage
− Type of product
− Frequency of use
− Other meds
− Formulation of CBD product
− CBD concentration in the product

So the way that you feel when using CBD depends on the therapy you’re using. Also, your desired CBD product may not be efficacious enough to provide immense benefits and effects you seek. 

Different Types of CBD Oil Deliver Different Effects

Broad-spectrum oil

CBD oils rated as broad-spectrum go through an extensive filtration process. The filtration process doesn’t target removing other cannabinoids. Processing broad-spectrum oils target removing THC alone. 

And without THC, there’s no chance you’ll be getting high on this one. 

CBD isolates

Isolates could come as a crystalline solid. Some options are also available in white powder form. 

CBD isolates do not come with any other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and so on. 

The isolate is an undiluted form of CBD with some units possessing north of 99% purity. THCs and other components in the raw plant get removed during purification. These isolates get full regard as the purest on the market and come highly recommended. 

These isolates don’t have any psychoactive elements, so there’s no chance of getting high with this option. 

Full spectrum oil

CBD oils with full spectrum designation have most of its original components preserved. There’s a chance of feeling high with using full spectrum CBD oils since most compounds remain intact. 

If you’re a sportsman or intend taking a drugs test, this is not an option to consider. 

Hemp CBD oil and marijuana CBD oil

The major difference between both oils rest on their tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. CBD oils taken from marijuana usually have a higher THC content than hemp oils. 

And since THC is a major player in causing the ‘high’ effect, it’s worth checking out your preferred pick. 

Generally, there’s a greater chance of getting high with marijuana oils than hemp oils. 

What are the Side Effects of CBD Oil?

As expected, CBD has its share of side effects. Some users of CBD products could experience fatigue, drowsiness, diarrhea, and appetite problems. 

CBD doesn’t act as a sedative, but it has a high potential for inducing relaxation among users. Regular CBD use counters stress hormone production at a significant level. Such a high hormone inhibition potential could result in a fight-or-flight reaction. 

Constant use makes our bodies used to the relaxing feeling, while fatigue crops up as a result. 

Using CBD with other medication could cause several issues. There’s a high chance of the CBD causing these meds to be toxic. Also, a slew of meds could get stunted during metabolism due to CBD content in a user’s system. 

Metabolic differences could also mean a sharp variation in how users react to CBD. While some users may feel its effects in a few minutes, some may not for some hours. 

Also, CBD oils could last in users bodies for different periods. While some may have CBD in their bloodstream for less than 1week, others may have it for almost 1month.

Even if the side effects aren’t alarming, it’s still worth pointing out to give users all available info. 

Final Word

CBD does not have similar effects as THC, but this doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind. Your major concern should focus on not feeling adverse side effects from regular CBD use. 

Studies conducted over time have shown CBD products possess a smaller side effect profile compared to other meds. But this isn’t a clean bill, as large doses could still cause issues to crop up. 

Even with the limited side effect profile, some users could experience fatigue or obvious diet changes. A change in diet as a result of consistent CBD use could lead to overweight issues.

And since the FDA doesn’t have any fine print concerning CBD products, there is so much speculation out there. 

The best course is to consult a doctor before embarking on CBD use. During your discussion, don’t fail to bring up your current meds and interactions with CBD if any. 

Generally, making the most of consulting experts will make your CBD use more comfortable.

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