How to Change Up Your WFH Routine: 6 Fun Ideas

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When you’re working from home, one day can bleed into the next like the movie “Groundhog Day.” Unless you enjoy doing the same thing over and over, it’s probably time to mix things up a little. So how can you make your telecommuting experience more exciting?

The following six ideas will help you to change up your WFH routine in interesting ways.

Play with Various Start Times

Does your WFH arrangement come with a flexible schedule? If it does, or if you fall under independent contracting rules and set your hours yourself, why not play with the times that maximize your productivity and fun?

For example, if you frequently wake up at 4 a.m. and can’t fall back asleep, why not use that time instead of tossing and turning? While you don’t want to call clients, you could balance spreadsheets or write reports. The more hours you put in early, the more time you have later in the day for doing things you enjoy — or taking a siesta.

Personalize Your Seating

The WFH life means never having to settle for the chair that human resources selected for you. Choosing your own can mean improved ergonomics, which can supercharge your productivity.

When selecting your model, find one where your thighs are horizontal with the floor, your feet are flat and the backrest supports your lower back. You might have to shop around if you’re exceptionally short or tall.

Who says that you have to go with the traditional setup, anyway? Those who use variable-height desks often report less back pain. Standing up for part of your day can compensate for a less-than-perfect seat, and you can use stacked boxes to replicate the effect if you are on a shoestring.

Another low-cost, pain-reducing option is an inflatable exercise ball. According to the folks at the University of New Hampshire, this option may up your daily calorie burn if you need to lose weight. You engage your core muscles to keep you upright — plus, you can lay back and stretch your lumbar region as necessary. Many versions cost $20 or less.

Elevate Your Eating Game 

Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean taking a 3-hour lunch — unless you count haphazardly munching a salad while you type. However, nor does it mean settling for a bag of stale chips from the vending machine when you forget to brown-bag it.

Learn how to up your meal-prep game by making big recipes on the weekend and freezing what you don’t immediately eat in individual portion sizes. That way, when it comes to lunchtime, you can zap your meal while you check in on your kids ’homeschool activities.

Add More Active Break time 

Did you know that your most disruptive distraction might be spending too much time at your desk? Increasing low-level activity ups your oxygen intake, which helps boost brain power and productivity.

You should get up and walk for a few minutes each hour — but strolling to your kitchen for a snack each time will result in unwanted pounds. Instead, why not outfit your home office with some active games?

If you live to hit the links, an indoor putting green sounds fancy but can create the ideal stress-busting activity. If the game of kings is a bit out of your budget, why not mount a Nerf basketball hoop?

Don’t forget your backyard. Your deck or patio might offer the ideal secondary home office space in warm weather when you use an anti-glare cover to see your screen. When break time rolls around, you can putter in your garden or toss the football around with the kiddos.

Start a Side Hustle to Earn Extra Income

You probably have a hobby you pursue on the side. Maybe it’s a gig making handcrafted jewelry boxes, frames for artwork or something similar. Regardless of your interests, today’s websites like Etsy make it easy to monetize your pastimes.

Of course, this kind of side hustle is often a labor of love, and you may feel uncertain about putting your work in the hands of other people. You have to trust everyone from the admins at Etsy to the driver delivering your goods. Fortunately, delivery is safer than ever, even in the winter months, and Etsy provides support.

If you want to change up your routine and make some money at the same time, consider a side business on top of your current employment. It’s an easy and fun way to earn extra income.

Set the Mood and Indulge Your Senses

Your WFH freedom involves much more than liberating yourself from the aroma of your co-workers’ reheated salmon. From colors to lighting to scent to sound, you can design your office space to spark your creativity or induce a feeling of serenity.

Painting the interior of your home can ring in a hefty 107% return on investment (ROI) — so get out that paintbrush. If you have to tuck your office into a corner of your living area, an accent corner can define the space with the color contrast creating a sense of division.

Harsh, overhead fluorescents might have given you blinding migraines at the office. However, you can replace them with compact desktop versions or LEDs that are gentler on your nervous system at home.

Speaking of which, remember, you have five senses to indulge, not only sight. Invest in an aromatherapy diffuser — scents like lavender help calm you while citrus aromas energize your spirit. Invest in noise-canceling headphones if you must share a noisy space or fill your dedicated room with gentle tunes. Indulge in a Sherpa blanket to keep you toasty if your office sits above a chilly garage.

Change Up Your WFH Routine with These 6 Fun Ideas 

When you telecommute, it’s natural to fall into the same boring patterns each day. Change up your WFH routine with these six fun ideas.

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