How To Find The Perfect Size Bra For Your Shape

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Which Type Of Bra Is Good For Health?

Do you know which type of bra is good for healthDo you know even if it is bad for your health not to wear a bra? 

Without a doubt, the bra is the most controversial everyday garment in the lives of women. There are those who indicate that it is good to wear a bra and those who affirm that its excessive use can cause many problems.

But in reality, there is no bra that is really bad for your health. What is bad for health is the wrong fit, the wrong type and timing of wearing a particular style of bra. For example, you cannot wear a push-up bra while breastfeeding, because you will need bras for nursing.


Bra or No Bra: Is It Good or Bad?

With so many fashions, studies, and publications, women hesitate before putting on their bra.  One myth is that wearing an underwire bra can cause the development of breast cancer.

According to experts, there are still no studies that show a clear relationship between wearing a bra and suffering from this disease. However, it has not been 100% affirmed that wearing a bra is beneficial for health.

The breast structure is supported by so-called “Cooper’s ligaments.”  and over the years, will lose their holding capacity.

Wearing a bra could delay the effects of time but could also lead to other health problems. For example, a tight fitting bra could cause chest tightening.  

But like I said before, there is nothing wrong in bra; the only wrong is in the incorrect type for your body and shape


What are the healthiest bras for your body type?


• For Small Breasts:

The healthy bra for small breasts is a sports bra or push-up bra: the important thing is that the cups are the right size, to avoid the scallop effect.

• For Big Breasts:

The ideal bra has a cup that can accommodate the entire breast. Possibly with an underwire, which can help cup the weight of the breast better. And it will give greater support and the comfort, while being your everyday bra.  Those with larger breasts should look for a wider sideband. Because that is what provides the proper support and helps maintain the correct posture. 

• For Breasts wider apart:

If the space between the base of the breasts is evident, the healthiest model for you is the one that brings them together. The balconette is a universal model, as it tends to lift the small breasts and highlight larger breasts. If you have medium-sized breasts, you can wear a bralette.

• For Breasts that need a lift:

Loose or sagging breasts happen when the base of the breast is generally narrow, and the breast tissue tends to descend inward. The ideal bra is the low-cut and small cup push-up; or an underwire bra that has separate cups and is able to hold both breasts. Bralette and other softer garments won’t provide the desired lift. 

• For Those Who Have Had An Operation:

The bras for those who have undergone an operation are very soft and without underwire. It is important that they support without irritating.

• For Breastfeeding Or Pregnant:

For the new mother who is breastfeeding, there are bras with a cotton cup that opens, either with or without underwire. The ideal is the supportive one, in a breathable fabric, that can contain the cups.

• For Menopause:

Breasts may be larger and sensitive. So it’s important to use a soft, feminine, but supportive bra.

For Your First Bra:

With the first bra, you get to know your body as you begin to understand your needs. The first bra should be soft, of a comfortable and breathable fabric that can be used every day; in the right size suitable for your shape. 


• For Those Who Are Always In A Hurry:

For the woman who works and lives her days frantically, a basic, smooth bra, lined or not, with underwire padded up to three times is recommended. Even better, if the design is modern, fresh, and feminine. It allows us to move from day to evening with ease and accompany us from work to an aperitif and from shopping to a gallant evening.

• For The Sportsperson:

During sports, the breasts can be stressed. So, depending on the intensity of physical activity, it is very important to wear a highly technical sports bra. There are many types, from gentle sports such as yoga to sports, where you often jump up and down and need more support. Each activity has different technical characteristics that require a different type of support.



The final word, therefore, is that the woman can wear any bra if she wants. Because it is comfortable or, for practical reasons, maybe it is better for her back. And at the same time, it’s also okay not to wear a bra you don’t want to. Wearing a bra, should not be forced, rather, it should be an optional tool for comfort and support. So try finding the bra that suits your body type best. And when you want to go braless, we support you!

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