Mr. Hempflower Hemp Products: Our Review

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What The Heck Are They? The Scoop

Hemp products that are produced farm to consumer. Products include CBG gummies, thc products and more.

What They Say

Mr. Hempflower believes in the healing power of hemp.

It’s mission is to spread this message and give hemp a new reputation!

Mr Hempflower works directly with licensed USA Farmers and manufacture our own products.

Products and Ingredients

CBD Hemp Flower

Sourced from America’s best farms in Oregon, Washington state, and Colorado.

CBD Hemp Oils-

Powerful true full spectrum PCR hemp oil tinctures.

Other Hemp CBD Products- Gummies, tarts and other edibles. All CBD products are made from USA hemp.


Matt and Jon our resident hemp lovers, took the Mr Hempflower gummies for a test run. Here are the results.


Quality Ease of Use, Packaging?

Products arrived in a sealed eco friendly cardboard box with a freezer pack to keep the products cool during transit.

Jon says “The experience was great. I typically take my CBD oil before bed in order to improve the amount of quality of sleep I get. i took the gummy thirty minutes before bed and I got a great nights sleep.  I took the gummy the day after and slept great that night was well.

Matt says “The Experience was very chill. I took them before bedtime and it made me very relaxed and sleep soundly all night. I have used something like this before, and this was very similar, except these felt stronger than typical CBD gummies.”

Is It Affordable? What is the cost? Would I Purchase?

Jon says “Yes. Products range from $16.00 USD to just under 50.00 USD”

Matt says “They are a little expensive for what the product is (CBD) and for how many gummies come in each package (6) but the packaging is nice and the product works well.”

(Matt also asked me if he could get more….)

Would I Recommend ?

Jon says “I would definitely recommend this to family and friends. The product is easy to use and the labels give very clear instructions.”

Matt says Yes! Anyone who experiences difficulty sleeping or suffers from anxiety, these gummies would be a great treatment for that.

The Down-low on The Downside

Jon would not change a thing.

Matt wants more for the cost

Our Overall Rating 4.9 out of 5

You can find these products on their website Mr Hempflower 
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