Ten Hacks For Creating A Spa Experience At Home

Spa Dreams

Stuck indoors in quarantine without access to the spa? It’s a modern day girls nightmare. So here are some tips on what to buy to create an at home spa experience. Time to Glow at home.

How much do we love the spa?? And for good reason! Spas stimulate the senses with aromatic scents, and they offer soft lighting, the best massage chair and tranquil sounds. All of these combined, equal a zen environment and a setting that can help ease the mind of its worries and calm the body. Here are ten hacks for creating a spa experience at home. The best self-care!


Spa Vibes At Home

Most of us work from home, or we spend a great deal of time at home. And with the high costs of spa going, making a spa environment at home can be a close second to the real thing. Here are some easy ways that you can make your home a zen spa-like place.

Aromatherapy – Diffuser

For less than fifty dollars, you can buy a portable spa diffuser for your home. Add in some essential oils at roughly eight dollars each and you have yourself some spa smells. Eucalyptus will open the lungs, And lavender will calm you down. Orange and other citrus stimulate, as does peppermint. So pick the aroma that will provide you the experience you need.