The Dangers Of Doing Too Much

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We, the modern humans, seem to be caught in a bit of a trap.

We want to keep doing more and more – and we are able to do more and more – of everything.

We want to work more, but we also want to have more fun. We want to have more friends, but we also want time for ourselves. We want to own more stuff, but we also feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of items we already own.

Without going into the whole “consumer society wants you to work more so you could spend more” rigmarole, let’s just admit these facts are true.

However, too much of a good thing is still just as bad for us. We can drink too much water. We can eat too much healthy food. We can sleep too much, exercise too much, and definitely work too much.


Let’s look at some of the signs that can tell us when we’re overdoing things and why this is so dangerous.

Signs You are Doing Too Much 

First, let’s take a look at some of the symptoms of doing too much.

1. You Are Tired All the Time

Our modern lifestyles often leave us feeling exhausted. However, when you notice you are feeling tired all the time, and no amount of sleep seems to make it up (or you can’t seem to find the time to sleep enough), chances are, you need to slow down.


2. You Feel Constantly Stressed 

The feeling of stress is also a clear indicator that you need a break and that your plate is likely very full. Naturally, some situations cause more stress than others, but if you feel you can’t shake the feeling even when everything is “all right,” you need to reevaluate your schedule and your priorities.

3. You Are Performing Poorly 

Most people notice they are overwhelmed when their work performance starts to suffer. But by the time this actually becomes noticeable, you’ve already crossed the line of doing too much a long time ago. You can reasonably cope with the situation for a good while, and when it truly starts affecting you, it’s already too late.

4. Your Health is Suffering 

When your health (physical or mental) starts to suffer from stress, exhaustion, and general overwork, that’s your body sounding the alarm. You are just about to enter a zone of no return.


You may also be running constantly late; your relationships with your friends and family might be beginning to suffer; you might be getting into arguments with strangers. If any of this is the case, think about what you are doing immediately.

Why Doing Too Much Is Bad for You

In short: at some point, it will start to damage your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

We can all stretch our abilities to a certain extent and do more than is optimal for a while. We may even stretch that while to go on for much longer. However, our bodies can’t take on endless amounts of stress without some wear and tear. The longer you keep overdoing things, the less content you’re going to be feeling.


If you find yourself in a situation where doing too much for a certain period of time is warranted, make sure you also plan to rest afterward. Make space for your body, mind, and spirit to recover from the strain.

How to Stop Doing Too Much 

If you’ve noticed you are overdoing things, the time has come to change your habits and lifestyle for the better.

Here are some of the things you can do:

1. Take it Slow 

Chances are, you will need to slow down slowly. You don’t just want to hit the breaks and come to a full stop. You’ll find you can’t relax if you go from doing 150 things a day to only doing five.


Gradually reduce the workload and number of tasks you have assigned yourself. Give yourself time to delegate and adjust to your new modus operandi.

2. Consider Your Sleep 

You also want to start sleeping better. This will mean waking up more easily, especially if you are currently sleeping less than enough.

Start by getting the amount of sleep you actually need – not more or less – and giving yourself plenty of time in the morning to start your day right.


 3. Get Back in Touch 

Socializing is a great way to ease stress. Even if you are just listening to someone else’s tale about their own day, you are no longer so focused on your own.

Start spending a bit more time with friends and family, and do fun and relaxing things together. You don’t have to do much more than have a nice meal and chat – just make sure to choose an activity you genuinely enjoy.


4. Reconsider Your Hobbies 

While you are caught in the trap of doing too much, you often push your hobbies to the side. Now is the perfect time to rekindle some of your passion for them. You can also start a completely new hobby, especially if you’ve wanted to do it in a while.

Final Thoughts 

Even though you may feel that you need to work extra hard and fill your day to the brim, the truth is, you actually need to rest and recuperate just as much. Consider your day-to-day life carefully. Find the time to strike the right balance between doing what you want and giving yourself what you need.

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