The Kosmic Kitchen One on One Cooking Classes: Our Editor’s Review

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What The Heck Is It?  The Scoop

The Kosmic Kitchen is an educational platform for plant-based wellness rituals.

For 295.00 a month they offer a three month online cooking course. Which is customized and one on one. The workshops and program are based on Ayurvedic herbalism and plant based elemental eating.  Because your constitution, dosha, cooking goals and personal imbalances should dictate what you eat.  The course begins with gaining a better understanding of your medicinal and nutrient needs, and the needs of your household. Everything was figured out from the start. Where I should have my cooking tools, pots and pans, and where and how to store my plants, nuts, seeds and spices.  Each week, a series of recipes were planned and one on one cooking took place via Facetime.

What Kosmic Kitchen Says..



We believe the kitchen is a sanctuary. A place to feed our creativity, nourish ourselves, and make magic.

Join our virtual One-on-One Kosmic Cooking Classes to discover the magic of creating delicious daily rituals with restorative herbs and nourishing foods. As an herbalist and holistic chef, Sarah Kate has created personalized cooking classes to help transform your kitchen into a sanctuary. A place where you can explore your creativity, find deep nourishment and strengthen your intuitive wisdom.

Through western herbalism and Ayurvedic practices, you’ll feel confident creating kitchen rituals that are not only tasty, but help you stay well each day.

What You’ll Get:

+ 3 months of one-on-one support

+ 1.5 hour, bi-weekly personalized virtual cooking classes

+ Printable guide with foods, herbs, spices + rituals for your unique constitution

+ Seasonal Eating Guide

+ Personalized Pantry & Grocery Shopping Lists

+ Master over 15 herbal recipes that will become staples in your weekly rituals

+ More confidence, creativity and pleasure creating herbal foods in your own kosmic kitchen!

Our mission is to bring plant medicine, the people’s medicine, back into the forefront. To make kitchens kosmic worldwide, so that every human has a fundamental understanding of their bodies, and can experience the incredible magic of plants.

Our first published cookbook with Roost Books will be released August 2020, available where all books are sold.


Was The Course Educational? And The Recipes, Easy To Prepare?

Let food be thy medicine. I love natural remedies and the efficiency of cooking for wellbeing and energy as well as taste motivated me to spend more time in the kitchen. I now put more thought into whaI I am preparing and why. The digital recipes are clear and easy to follow.


Is It Affordable?

If you are ready to have a unique experience and set up your kitchen to be your medicine cabinet, 295.00 a month for 6 hours a month is worth it. The herbs and spices are an additional cost, so be prepared to go into the program knowing that. They have since followed up with me with course discounts as well as discounts for herbs.

With Kosmic Kitchen you get a resource to reach out to with questions as you build your own Kosmic Kitchen. Sarah is always on hand, to lend a hand!

Would I Purchase One?

Since the one on one workshop I have already purchased, the gut health workshop. They offer tea workshops, botanical workshops and a variety of other workshops on a regular basis. These are quick workshops that are downloadable and costs for them run between 90-250.00 each.

Would I Recommend It?

Through the three month course, I have brewed my own chai tea, made a seasonal spice blend, created my own pesto, made an herbal hummus, created a nut blend, recreated my kitchen and even chopped carrot tops into a homeade dressing! The other day, I was chopping celery and decided to chop up the celery leaves and add them to my dressing. Something I never would have thought to do before.

Its been two weeks since the course finished and I still have so many more recipes to go through…. I just made myself a chia seed mint cooler!

This one on one cooking course empowered me to truly view what I prepare in the kitchen as nutritious and medicinal. I am more confident to grab an herb I have never cooked with from the store and try making something from it.  The one on one time with Sarah was priceless and inspiring. I highly recommend it.

The Down low on The Downside

The course is not cheap. And you need to be on top of ordering your specialty herbs and supplies in advance so that you can cook as much as possible with Sarah during your weekly sessions.

To save money, be sure to order the smallest portions of herbs and spices (if you are just planning to make small portions).

Remember, this is NOT a conventional cooking course. The point of the course is to springboard you into cooking with the elements. Seeds, Spices, Nuts, Herbs and Plants. Do not take this course unless you are willing to be open minded to nurturing your soul through elemental eating.


Our Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5

The Kosmic Kitchen Online Cooking Course is a great way to truly immerse yourself into cooking medicinally and with your life balance in mind. Sarah is with you every step of the way, encouraging you to take control of your wellbeing as you confidently prepare foods that taste great and keep you healthy.  So sign up here.

And if you want to Preorder their book during the month of June, 100 percent of the proceeds will support Black Lives Matter 


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