Understanding Nets Cancer and Treatment Options

NETs cancer

Neuroendocrine tumors are a type of cancer that arises from hormone-producing organs. Since there are so many changes in our body under the influence of hormones, NETs cancer can severely disrupt the functioning of the whole body, leading to undesirable effects.

The treatment of neuroendocrine tumors requires specific experience, which is why many patients prefer to undergo therapy abroad. One of the most demanded countries for neuroendocrine tumor treatment today is Germany. Due to the high level of health care and the wide choice of modern hospitals, patients from all over the world come here for up-to-date examination and treatment.

NETs diagnosis

Neuroendocrine tumors can have practically any localization in the body. However, neuroendocrine tumors located in the pancreas, stomach and bronchi account for the majority of cases. Tumors in other hormone-producing organs are less common, but no less dangerous. Often, patients seek medical help at an advanced stage of NETs cancer, when they already have metastases in other organs.

In hospitals abroad, visualizing methods of examination like ultrasound scan, CT or MRI are used. For a more accurate diagnosis, laboratory methods are used that determine bioactive substances in the blood or urine. This makes it possible to increase the accuracy of the diagnostics, and also makes it possible to detect the tumor at an earlier stage.

Up-to-date treatment

Treatment method is chosen individually for each patient. The therapeutic scheme depends on the location, size of the tumor, its hormone-producing activity, as well as the overall condition of the patient. Surgical removal is still one of the most effective and proven methods of treating neuroendocrine tumors. If necessary, in addition to surgery, the physician can administer chemotherapy, targeted drugs and immunotherapy, somatostatin analogs, etc.

If we talk about more modern and less invasive methods of treating neuroendocrine tumors, embolization or chemo embolization are administered. With this, doctors can block the vessel that feeds the tumor, thereby stopping its growth. This method is very effective as compared to systemic chemotherapy, because it only affects the tumor without influencing healthy organs.

Best hospitals abroad

Among the great variety of modern cancer centers abroad, it is difficult to choose just one. To make it easier for patients who want to be treated abroad, a list of the best cancer clinics has been compiled. This rating is based on the statistics of successful operations, availability of modern equipment and treatment methods. The list of the best cancer clinics for innovative and effective treatment includes:

  • University Hospital Heidelberg
  • Mediclin Robert Janker Clinic
  • Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch
  • University Hospital Freiburg
  • Helios Klinik Krefeld

In each of these medical centers you will undergo treatment with state-of-the-art equipment and receive professional cancer care.

After the treatment, the patient stays in the inpatient department under medical supervision for few more days depending on the treatment method and the presence of health complications. The rest of the rehabilitation measures are chosen for each patient individually, depending on which organ is affected by the tumor and how extensive the surgery was.

Cancer treatment during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

Because of COVID-19, many countries have introduced quarantine and have closed their borders to foreign patients. Thus, patients from many countries are not able to undergo their treatment abroad.

If you want to receive treatment abroad during the lockdown, you can contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health. This is currently the only way to get treatment in the best hospitals abroad without obstacles. If necessary, the company’s specialists will help you receive a visa for treatment, as well as an invitation for treatment from the hospital and entrance permission.

Moreover, with Booking Health you can save up to 60% of your treatment cost, because there are no extra fees for foreign patients. You can find more information about neuroendocrine tumors and innovative treatment abroad on the Booking Health website.

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