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What To Expect For First Time Cannabis Users

First Time Cannabis

As recreational marijuana has been legalized in more places, there has been an influx of novice weed users who have taken advantage of their newfound freedom to try the drug. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with deciding to try weed for the first time! But if you are new to the drug, there are a few things that you should be prepared for, as well as a few ways you can offset potentially negative effects.

How to Prepare

Using marijuana for the first time is a bit like drinking alcohol for the first time. You might have an idea of how it will affect you and be prepared to try it, but there’s no telling exactly how you’ll feel or how long your high will last once you are intoxicated. To make sure that you’re safe and responsible, you should make sure of a few things:


  1. Don’t need to go anywhere. The best time to try weed for the first time is when you have no other commitments. That way if you wind up having a long high, you don’t have to stress about having to show up anywhere afterward or during your period of intoxication.

  2. Don’t try it alone. If at all possible, try marijuana with a friend who has experience with the drug or someone that you trust. You’ll want to be in a safe environment to experience the drug for the first time. You’ll also want to have someone there to help if you have a bad reaction.

  3. Start slow. You can always use more of the drug, but if you take too much, there’s not a good way to counteract the drug and stop your high sooner.


What to Expect From Your First High

There are plenty of ways your first high can go and all of them are common to first-time users. Keep in mind that you may also feel slightly different depending on the type of weed strain. The two categories are sativa versus indica – where sativas produce a more energetic ‘head-high’ and indicas are more of a relaxing body high. Whichever strain you decide to try, here are some of the common effects for first time cannabis users.