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Why Having A Garden Is Good For Your Mental Health

Having your own garden is not just aesthetically pleasing, it can benefit your health and overall wellness.

As you get older you can now understand your mom’s or grandmother’s obsession with having a garden or doing gardening on their day off.


There is something about it, something that helps us connect with mother nature again. Is it something in the soil that brings us back to the original self, or is it the fact that we gave someone life and a new beginning?


Healing your soul with more green

We got used to urban living and the never ending sea of concrete that we often forget about our connection to other life forms on this planet.

Since the Covid-19 disaster struck, many of us decided to build our own little sanctuary where we can hide from all of the bad news and bad energies. Plants and herbs are known for their healing properties – but can they help you heal your soul as well?

Science says yes.

Green therapy has gained popularity nowadays in treating depression and anxiety and a lot of psychiatrists recommend it instead of medications.


Is spring the right time to start your revival process?

Winters are magical for many reasons. Snow is the main ingredient of your winter fairytale, yet you are probably feeling a bit tired of it by now. It is hard to remain active during winter as there is not enough daylight and a lot of people experience seasonal depression episodes.

In the wake of a new spring, it is amazing how nature revives all over again. This can be a great time to awaken your spirits as well. Gardening is not an expensive hobby and it’s very versatile. Create your garden on a balcony, in a backyard, or place your little pieces of creation in the living room.

Think about spaces first and equip yourself with essentials. Gloves, a rake, hand pruners, loppers, a watering can and discover the benefits of flower window boxes.

But what about the plants? We are glad that you asked!

Which plants are best if you are a beginner?

You’ve probably heard people saying that they are not so crafty with plants. That even their cactus managed to wither away even considering their natural climate is a harsh desert. So, in order to not disappoint with your first gardening venture, try choosing something easier to keep alive. Orchids are majestic but they are high maintenance – so leave them for when you become a gardening expert.


For your first time, we recommend succulents, snake plants, and also lavender. Herbs are a great choice as well. Just imagine, the fresh scent or their beautiful leaves that lingerie through your kitchen. It will instantly give you back some motivation to keep experimenting in the kitchen. Also try chives, basil, oregano, and mint. Can you already smell the freshness in the air?


Another great idea is planting a vegetable garden. Organic food is always the healthiest choice – and the products of your own labor are always the sweetest. If you have depression or anxiety it is a known fact that processed foods and sugars make things even worse. If you start planting now, you will have some fresh radishes, onions, or lettuce to enjoy pretty fast.


Health and wellness benefits of gardening

Gardening is a great choice if you want to improve your health and wellbeing. Since we are still living in fear due to the pandemic, it is time to make your little garden of Eden in your backyard. No forbidden fruits, of course, it is your garden after all.


Gardening is beneficial because we are in contact with the soil, rich in nutrients. There is something magical happening when we are touching the soil – it has healing benefits. It is the essence of life.


Keep calm and keep gardening….

What is also beneficial is that this process is extremely calming. It is a form of meditation. You can have your alone time to think. Focus is also improved drastically – you can avoid harsh thoughts and focus on something that is both productive and creative.


Depression is also caused by the lack of sunlight and vitamin D deficiency. So gardening will be there to get you out of the gloomy atmosphere and give your daily dose of vitamin D.


Gardening is also a great physical exercise. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, sometimes it is hard to start exercising regularly… because sometimes getting out of your bed could be quite challenging.


People who are suffering from mental illnesses are tired constantly due to bad thoughts and exhaustion – but a much different kind of exhaustion compared to physical. In the end, they are full of energy that is wasting in their bodies – it later converts into insomnia. It is a circle that is hard to break. Work hard but don’t push yourself to the limit as the goal is to enjoy this process.


But what about the aesthetics?

Beauty and aesthetics are an important part of your healing. If you are stuck in a gloomy and stale environment, it is the most logical thing that eventually you will blend in. You can’t heal in the environment that made you sick in the first place. Surround yourself with beauty. With aesthetically pleasing surroundings, your healing process will go much smoother.


Greenery is a great way to refresh your living spaces. What is another thing you can do to refresh your home? Add different water fixtures.  The sound of water running is natural and calming – and the best thing is it can fit all types of spaces which complement your greenery perfectly. From small fountains to water walls or even koi ponds or a fiberglass pool if you own a huge backyard.


Play with colorful pots, plant vibrant flowers, and pine trees. It would be your perfect getaway – and it is in your little domain.


Fire pits and outdoor pizza ovens can make spring and summer nights warmer and cozier. So you can enjoy a nice homemade snack (with the oregano and basil from your garden) and you will have a nice view of your little garden, your own work of art. Also, the scent of flowers, pine trees, and water combined – our travel options are still a bit limited but luckily with a bit of imagination, you can have fresh mountain air combined with the sea breeze.


In conclusion

Gardening is for enjoying with all of your senses. It is hard work but in the end, it comes with a prize. You will be proud that you did all of that with your own ten (green) fingers and you set the foundations for your little piece of heaven. Most importantly, the peace of your mind. Gardening can help with calming your inner storms by channeling them into something beautiful.


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