5 Ideas to Transform Your Living Space into a Modern Industrial Haven

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All strong and independent women want their surroundings to match their boldness, confidence, and style. That includes their living spaces. No other decor shouts these attributes like the modern industrial look. The bold and raw look of the modern industrial-style interior design seems to be a perfect fit for today’s modern and free-spirited women.

Industrial style decor is great for –

  • Urban dwellers
  • Anyone who appreciates the unrefined and raw look
  • Anyone who appreciates a piece of history in their living spaces

We have put together five ideas that will help you transform your home into a space that reeks of this extraordinary blend and accommodates all your functional needs. These ideas will not break your bank and can be customized to your taste.



  • Embrace the Architectural Design


Utilizing the beauty of old age architectural details and complementing it with striking design elements is essential to achieving the modern industrial look in any space.

Focus on highlighting the structural elements like high ceilings with chandeliers or hanging pendant lights. For the exposed brick pillar, add statement modern art pieces to turn it into a focal point.

If you are lucky to have large windows, accentuate them with drapes for instant drama. Alternatively, you can frame them with built-in bookshelves or some other architectural element to draw immediate attention while allowing natural flow light in the rooms.

Keep the floor plan open to create a welcoming and spacious environment for the room occupants. Functional elements like a large sectional sofa, storage cabinets, and the dining table can be arranged to divide the open area into different sections without building walls.



  • Aim for a Rugged Look


The rugged look is a signature characteristic of industrial style interior design. The look embraces nature-inspired textures, earthy tones, and carries an unpretentious and organic air around it. Incorporate raw natural elements like non-painted wood, stone, bricks, and concrete to add a distinct interest and drama to the room.

Repurpose old furniture like a worn-out dresser into a nightstand or extra seating that improves functionality and gives a raw look. You can also opt for vintage and antique decor pieces that instantly add a raw feel to the area. You can get them at affordable prices in flea markets or a home-renovation store.

Top this up with faux sheepskin throws to create the perfect rustic look.



  • Experiment with Textures


Textures can instant depth and character to a space. Rough textures like jute, faux animal hide throws, weathered stone and bricks, rubber surfaces, and butcher countertops are perfect to add dimension to a room and add an industrial interest to it.

For example, nothing can bring out the industrial vibe in a room like a combination of exposed brick walls with a contrasting rubber surface.

Balancing the textures in a room can be tricky. We recommend the use of contrasting elements. For instance, a smooth and glossy element can be coupled with a rough and natural one to bring in a modern and rustic feel to the space. Here are a few elements that can introduce textures in your living space.

  1. Silhouettes through Fabrics: Besides using upholstery, you can add textures through flowy curtains, smooth lampshades, window treatments, bed covers, cushion covers, and rugs. Using a variety of fabrics also adds silhouettes that render a chic look to the room.
  2. Layered Lighting: To add texture through lighting, pay attention to the room lighting and its placement. Multi-layered lighting can be used to add character to an otherwise boring corner.

For instance, a dull corner can be turned into a striking decor statement by adding texture through lighting, giving the corner a warm and cozy appeal.

  1. Decor Accessories: Ranging from room decor ornaments and vases to window treatments and artworks, decor accessories can spice up a room and render an interesting appeal to the space. Choose complementing or contrasting textures that give a direction to space and spark intrigue without overburdening the senses.
  2. Plants and Vessels: Use ornamental plants and flowers to add a textural effect to the room. The vast variety of plants and the varying shapes of their leaves and petals are bound to add interest to your space. Plants add a fresh and relaxing vibe to an area and are proven to improve mood too.



  • Tone down on Colors


The industrial style of decor uses a neutral color palette. Incorporate hues of white, black, and brown that bring visual warmth to an area covered with cool metal elements.

Consider these colors in your interior design to make your space look classy and rustic. For areas like the living room couch and bedroom, use embroidered or bright-colored throw pillows to add a vibrant appeal. Besides using modernist wall decor pieces, accent walls can also be created to add a little color to the space.



  • Get Creative with Mechanical Elements


Besides using elements like reclaimed wood, galvanized items, pipe fittings, and exposed ducts, there are other creative ways to add an industrial feel to the place. Old bottles and textiles can be upcycled to create striking decorative pieces. Here are some ways to create functional pieces using elements like old pipe fittings, and old vinyl records among others.

  1. Use vinyl music records to create an accent wall dedicated to retro music. Alternatively, you can use it to create a classic music wall adjacent to a staircase.
  2. Use metal pipes to create storage places like bookshelves or outdoor coat closets for all the guests. You can also build a shoe rack for your footwear collection.
  3. You can also reuse an old unpolished wooden ladder as a shelf for placing indoor plants.
  4. Pipe fittings can be converted into an attractive wall decor item. Just add light bulbs and connect them in a geometrical pattern!
  5. Use an old bicycle to create an accent wall. Hang it up or place it against an exposed brick wall or a white painted wall.
  6. Use old worn-out metal bowls for making pendant light fixtures.
  7. Old pipes can also be repurposed to make a portable minibar on wheels.

A perfectly balanced modern industrial look is achievable, provided you pay attention to the basic elements of this decor style. Use the tips and tricks shared above to create a perfect modern industrial haven for you and your loved ones.


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